If you label this an “anti-vaccine” article, you are misleading yourself, and probably others. It is not. If you label HANS an “anti-vaccine” organization, you are again misleading yourself, and probably others. It is not. It is an organization that is concerned with certain aspects of vaccine safety. Most of us understand the tremendous difference between being “anti” something and being “concerned” about something.

HANS is an education organization. Our objective is to ensure that you have the information you require to make your best decision, according to your physical needs and values. By bringing this article to your attention, we are doing exactly that.

Our message today?

Vaccine injury is real.

In November, 1985, MP for Rainy River, Jack Pierce stood in the Ontario legislature before second reading of a bill he had introduced and read these heartfelt worlds:

“My bill deals with the occurrences and documentation of severe side-effects which can result from the vaccination of infants and children. Some members may not be aware that the routine vaccination called DPT, diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, given to almost every one of our children, can lead to convulsions, brain damage and even death.”

The Reality of Vaccine Injury: A Much Needed Lesson for Carly Weeks