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To: College of Chiropractors of British Columbia at consultation@chirobc.com

Re: Consultation on the Proposed Amendments to Use of X-Rays by Chiropractors

I am writing in response to the proposed changes to the BC chiropractic professional handbook, applicable to repeat spinal radiography, including X-rays.

I urge the college to reconsider the proposed amendments because I believe that they will compromise the quality of care I receive from my chiropractor.  Removing this important piece of diagnostic information will diminish my chiropractor’s ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat my condition(s).  Furthermore, it will adversely impact treatment I receive from my massage therapist, my physical therapist, and my trainer, each of whom have access to my X-ray results.

As an informed patient, I am fully aware of the risks of all procedures I choose in pursuit of my best health.  I consistently weigh the risks against the expected outcomes, which is consistent with the Doctrine of Informed Consent in Canada.

I understand that the College of Chiropractors of BC exists to protect the public.  However, the proposed amendments, if implemented, will put the public at greater risk for missed and/or inaccurate diagnosis. 






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  1. Dan Lacroix

    I think this is an inane idea. I think it’s wrong and should not be passed. It will put more pressure on existing X-ray facilities unnecessarily.

  2. Patricia Isbister

    I strongly feel xrays are imperative to get proper treatment from my chiropractor. I was in a car accident and xrays helped my chiropractor treat me. I was having migraines and he was able to correct the problem.

  3. wayne

    As long as the person doing the x-ray has the training and qualifications

    then what is the problem. This would make a significant change to the timeline

    of the treatment.


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