Support our BC Chiropractors’ Ability to Perform Essential X-rays! Action Required!

May 11, 2021 | College of Chiropractors of BC, BC Ministry of Health, All Posts | 3 comments

To our valued community members,

If you have experienced positive results from any chiropractic care you have undergone, please lend us your assistance in lobbying the provincial government to restore B.C. chiropractors’ right to perform diagnostic imaging as governed by the Health Professions Act.

You may be unaware that the chiropractic profession in British Columbia is being threatened through severe limitations to a chiropractor’s ability to utilize x-rays as both a diagnostic and an analytic tool.  The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) made these changes based on a single published article.  This action  now significantly limits your chiropractor from referring you for x-rays when he or she deems it necessary.

All chiropractors receive extensive x-ray training –  both in taking x-rays and in using them as an important tool to diagnose many spinal conditions. We feel it is imperative that the CCBC regulations reflect this extensive training. We fear that these changes may prevent many people from easy access to the diagnostic images they require.

We are asking you to

  1. write a short letter/email to your local MLA (assistance provided)
  2. forward that letter to our Health Minister, Hon. Adrian Dix, and Attorney General, Hon. David Eby (email addresses provided), opposing the recent changes that have greatly restricted chiropractors’ ability to take x-rays beyond serious pathology. To facilitate the letter writing process, we have included a link below and step by step instructions. This link will allow you to choose the points you wish to include in your letter and will generate the letter for you.

By writing a letter to your local MLA, you will bring your concerns to their attention and add pressure to reverse the recent changes. These changes have not only taken away chiropractors’ rights to take x-rays for diagnostic and imaging purposes (in the absence of suspected severe pathology), but they have also taken away your right to access x-rays from a chiropractor unless a severe pathology is suspected.

Because a large group of chiropractors are in a legal injunction process, and the Attorney General will be attending the trial on May 31, 2021, we would like Hon. David Eby to also receive a copy of your letter.

It is important to share your own personal story as generic letters are usually ignored. Please ensure that you elaborate on how chiropractic has helped you in your letter.

Step 1) Click the link and fill out the form.

When you click the link above, you will be asked a series of questions related to this topic. Once completed, we will send you your letter containing the information that you gave us as well as direct email addresses of the recipients.  This should greatly ease the effort of sending your letter.

Step 2) You should receive an e-mail from shortly with the subject line: MLA letter. Please review it and edit it any way that suits you.

Step 3) Email the letter to Hon. Adrian Dix:, Hon. David Eby:, and INSERT MLA NAME and e-mail address and carbon copy CCBC to

If you have any further questions, please ask and we will happily send you more information.  Thank you for all your support!



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  1. Ian

    I’ve had lower back and neck pain fairly consistently for 10 years and I just recently started going to a chiropractor and with an X-ray to see what was wrong and a couple of treatments that pain has pretty much disappeared. And my wife has had back pain for a few years and since she went to him that has gone too

  2. Ivy Stanley

    I spent years in unbelievable pain and ended up having adjustments with a standard chiropractor every 3 days until upper cervical treatment was recommended. My first adjustment in 1987 changed my life from one of being disabled and unable to function for more than 20 minutes, to having a semi normal life. As things have healed over the years, continuing x-rays to keep up with the changes have been essential to my wellness. Taking away periodic x-rays to keep up would set me back many years and doom me to a sub-standard life with greater pain than I now experience.

  3. Jen McDonald

    My Husband was in a quad accident four years ago and the x-ray help the chiropractor know where to given his treatment.


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