TORONTO, Feb. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rogers announced it is bringing Rogers Infinite customers Canada’s first 5G smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series, starting March 6. Rogers recently announced it began to roll out Canada’s first 5G network in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, with 20 more markets to come this year. 5G (5th generation mobile networks or wireless systems) is the proposed next telecommunication standard, set to replace the current 4G standards. Currently, 5G isn’t available to the general public, but it’s reported that over the next 10 years, most wireless carriers will be using 5G technology.

Currently, 5G technology is effective only over short distances and doesn’t penetrate through solids—requiring numerous antennae with unobstructed paths between transmitters and receivers. It’s thought that as 5G is rolled out, there will be an increased number of mobile towers that will be put up to support the dense networking requirements.

From Canadians For Safe Technology:

Health Implications
There are many dangers and health implications for Canadians with a move towards 5G technology:

Increased Wireless Exposure – Since this new standard will require extensive towers, Canadians will be subjected to more cell tower radiation as it will be nearly impossible to escape wireless radiation as more wireless-enabled devices will appear on the market.

Increased Number of Electromagnetic-Sensitivity (ES) Cases – ES is the condition in which people develop intolerances to radiation from wireless technology devices such as cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters and antennas. Symptoms range from tingling and headaches to sleep disturbances, nausea and memory problems. With the increased radiation associated with 5G, we can expect to see a drastic uptick in the number ES cases.

Negative Environmental Impacts – Wildlife is expected to be affected by the introduction of widespread 5G. It is theorized that the navigation of birds and insects will be disrupted and more research is required to explore the exact repercussions of Wi-Fi radiation on our environmental surrounding

We believe the responsible course of action is to defer 5G deployment until the full biological and environmental effects are understood. To protect our health, more research must be undertaken. Additionally, there should always be an option to opt-out from 5G technology from devices like appliances and cars—ensuring the safety of those with electromagnetic-sensitivities, the elderly and the young.

Canadians for Safe Technology is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of Canadians. Our mission is to educate and inform our fellow citizens and policymakers about the dangers of exposure to unsafe levels of radiation from technology.