In November of 2018, HANS was honoured to screen Modified – A Food Lover’s Journey into GMOs. Modified is a truly beautiful Canadian film about our sacred relationships to family and food.

What makes this documentary so special is that it reaches the viewer through many unique and relatable aspects of the story: the producer, Aube Giroux’s love of her mother and their common reverence for food; Aube’s frustration with the evasion and run-around she receives when looking for answers on GMO labelling from Health Canada; her disillusionment with “big food” and it’s control over our food policies; and ultimately, the power we have to create change by the forkful.  Not to mention the stunning cinematography and celebration of food preparation well-done.

Aube does not present an overt anti-GMO message in the film.  What she does present is a wake-up call to North Americans who’ve been complicit in non-labelling by not demanding it.  Globally, 64 countries, including those we consider “developing”, have GMO labeling requirements.  Neither Canada nor the United States is included in that 64.   Several times throughout the film we see and hear Aube on the phone, patiently trying to reach someone at Health Canada who will speak with her about GMO labelling.  Finally she’s told no one can help her.  Which speaks volumes while leaving us with our own questions about who Health Canada is serving.

Modified is enlightening and educational, but it’s also engaging, entertaining, and in spots, humorous.  An extraordinary experience, it’s easy to understand why it’s been an official selection at over 50 international film festivals and winner of 12 awards, including four Audience Favorite Awards.  The film will be for purchase in Spring 2019.  To order or check screenings, visit To watch the trailer, visit