Commentary: High-dose Vitamin C Saves New Zealand Dairy Farmer

by Frances Fuller, President and CEO, Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre
Source: HANS e-News - December 15, 2010

The family was told it was all over. But after intravenous injections of high-dose vitamin C while he was in a coma, Alan Smith recovered from both severe swine flu and hairy cell leukemia despite his doctors' hopeless prognosis. He certainly looks the picture of health now!

It should be mandatory for all medical students and doctors to watch this fascinating video ( Medical miracles do happen, but seldom without some intervention on the part of, or on behalf of, the patient.

In this case, it was the addition of intravenous and later oral vitamin C. Had his family not fought so hard to have this treatment given, Mr. Smith would have died when they turned off the life support as the doctors advised. Instead, his family was determined to give him every chance to survive, even if it meant going against standard medical advice and protocols.

What saddens but doesn't surprise me, is the doctor's vehement belief that vitamin C was of no value because it's effectiveness in large doses was "unproven," and their refusal to allow its use until the family forced the issue.

It's clear that despite the medical profession's claims to the contrary, medicine is very much a religion and heretical ideas such as the therapeutic benefit of vitamin C are greeted with disbelief and hostility.

Even in the face of Mr. Smith's dramatic response after only two days on 25 grams IV vitamin C, the doctors were unwilling to acknowledge the benefit was due to the vitamin C, preferring to believe the improvement was due to a change in the patient's position.

The fact that the family had to continually fight to keep Mr. Smith on IV vitamin C until he was out of his coma had finally improved to the point that he could take it orally, is further indication of the degree of medical resistance against the very idea that something as simple as a nutrient could be of dramatic benefit and even life-saving.

The medical profession needs to be exposed to more "miracle cures" such as Mr. Smith's. Perhaps then they will eventually begin to confront the fact that the use of these benign, highly effective nutritional therapies has been wrongly rejected.

Frances Fuller is president and CEO of Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre Inc. She had the unique experience of working shoulder-to-shoulder with a pioneer and cornerstone of orthomolecular medicine, the late Dr. Abram Hoffer. Her contact information is in the HANS Wellness Directory at under Orthomolecular Medicine.
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