A Deeper Look at Breast Cancer

by Moira Khouri
Source: Health Action, Winter 2009/2010

A recent HANS event about breast health was much more than a discussion about diet, supplements, natural treatments and interventions. Instead, it was a call to action asking us to dig deeper, explore and contemplate the spiritual and environmental aspects and meaning of a disease that's affecting women around the globe-asking us how we can influence outcomes with our personal choices and awareness.

The inspiring speaker was Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur, a naturopathic doctor, environmentalist, international lecturer and author of many books including The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer (Robert Rose, 2003).

Dr. Kaur brought a focus to the relationship between environmental toxicity of the planet and the growing incidence of breast cancer. She suggests that the increase of disease is perhaps a reflection of our consciousness and our relationship to Mother Earth. She asks whether we are in some part manifesting our disease through living unconsciously and polluting our environment-our air, water and food supply- which is vital to our existence.

Is Mother Earth calling out to all women at this time to intervene and be part of a global transformational shift in consciousness? Shall we work together to repair the environmental harm and seek ways of living that allow us to walk more softly on the earth? Ways that may protect our children, grandchildren and the future generations of our species?

These are deep and global questions to consider in the context of a serious and personal disease. Despite all the research, searching for a cure, treatments and interventions of various kinds, we are still being devastated by breast cancer.

Environmentally speaking, Dr. Kaur relates breast cancer to our personal toxic load, including that of our bodies and our minds. She suggests a shift from thinking of ourselves as disconnected individuals to recognizing our connected life force-to think in terms of "we" instead of "me."

Awareness of the energy our thoughts carry and how they connect with our hearts is also important. The heart chakra, or energy centre, is associated with our breasts, therefore we must move into forgiveness and think, act and speak with kindness. We are encouraged to honour the sacred within and without, and to embark on a journey to healing and spiritual transformation. As we transform ourselves, we transform Mother Earth.

Guidelines to selftransformation: Remove estrogenic chemicals: Included in
this category are toxic metals known as metalloestrogens such as mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum and arsenic. Metals bind to breast cells and speed up cell growth, collecting in fatty tissues. In combination they are 1,000 times more toxic than they are alone. Other chemicals to avoid include: organochlorines, PCBs, PVC, bisphenol A, phthalates (often listed as "fragrance"), dioxins, all industrial solvents, brominated fire retardants and paraben preservatives. Do not purchase products that contain these chemicals.

Improve lymphatic circulation: Boost your immune function by incorporating proper breathing techniques with yoga and other forms of breath work. Learn to do lymphatic massage on yourself.

Take probiotics to ensure good mounts of bowel flora. Jump on a rebounder, use hydrotherapy such as alternating hot and cold showers and wear
loose-fitting bras, avoiding the underwire variety, which reduce circulation of the vital lymph fluids of the immune system.

Aim to prevent disease: Exercise a minimum of six times per week, for 30 minutes each time. Eat a minimum of six servings of organic fruits and vegetables every day. Lose weight if you need to and take 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily in addition to receiving 20-30 minutes per day of sunlight.

Balance hormones: See your naturopath about creams or other remedies for balancing hormones according to your individual status. Avoid sugars, simple carbohydrates, meat and dairy products (especially non-organic animals products, which contain hormones). Talk to your naturopathic doctor about supplementing
with melatonin and how to balance your thyroid and stress hormones. Flaxseed decreases the receptors of IGF (insulin growth factor) so take six tablespoons of freshly ground seed daily to get the equivalent of one tablespoon of oil.

Dr. Kaur is an informed and helpful teacher. I highly recommend her books for all women. Become part of the global shift to eliminate breast cancer and the pollution and toxicity of Mother Earth.


Khouri is a certified holistic nutritional, master herbalist, holistic health practitioner, reflexologist, life coach, and professional member of HANS. She is on the faculty of the Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, California. (604) 346-1471 gcnm.com moirakhouri@telus.net
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