KYOTOPlus - Canada's Largest, Most Urgent Climate Change Campaign

by Climate Action Network Canada
Source: HANS e-News - September 1, 2009

A recently released research paper (commissioned by the BC government) declared the urgent need for a 'Made in BC' health care strategy to deal with the impacts of climate change on public health.

Your help has never been more important. Governments have been warned about the potentially catastrophic consequences if climate change is ignored.  But Canada's government is still not listening.

"Canada now stands dead last amongst the G8 Nations in protecting our shared home from the threat of dangerous climate change."
- WWF Report (July 1, 2009)

The Canadian federal government's failure to act is an international embarrassment that threatens the well-being of future generations throughout the world. 

What can you do?
1.  Sign the KYOTOplus Petition.

2.  Call on your local MP to sign the KYOTOplus Politician's Pledge.  Your email, letter or phone call will make a difference!  Thanks to the participation of citizens like you 137 Federal MPs have already signed the Pledge.  We only need 18 more signatures to have a majority of MPs!
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3.  Tell your friends & family by sending them an email here:
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