Keep X-rays for Chiropractors for the health benefit of future patients.

Jul 22, 2020 | College of Chiropractors of BC, All Posts | 1 comment

If you or someone you know has been helped by a chiropractor that uses x-rays, please sign this petition and share it with everyone you know.  Help us achieve the social license to continue to use x-rays and provide appropriate care.  The petition can be found here.

The College of Chiropractors of BC recently hired an Ontario based firm to conduct a review of the research that has been done on the “Clinical Utility of Routine Spinal Radiographs.”  As stated in their article, “We found no evidence that the use of routine or repeat radiographs to assess the function or structure of the spine, in the absence of red flags, improves clinical outcomes and benefits patients. Given the inherent risks of ionizing radiation, we recommend that chiropractors do not use radiographs for the routine and repeat evaluation of the structure and function of the spine.”

The College is now reviewing these findings and opening for discussion the need for routine X-rays in chiropractic practice.

For more information regarding the study, please click here.

We are concerned that their probable amendment to “the use of routine and repeat radiography” potential hampers your chiropractor’s ability to deliver your chosen form of care.  It is your right to choose your chiropractor and the technique performed upon you.

If you are as concerned as we are about the BC Chiropractic College taking away your patient rights and your ability to choose the treatments that most benefit you, please sign and share this petition.

Help us keep keep the orthogonal upper cervical treatment


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  1. Douglas Brown

    I live in Courtenay. BC and have also been in Vancouver for the past 30 years – and discovering and having access to NUCCA chiropractic service and their precise techniques – aided very much by using X-ray equipment – has provided by far the most effective therapy for my spinal adjustments. This technique has also greatly reduced the number of visits to the chiropractor by a substantial amount over the last 30 years – which must result in considerable cost savings to the medical system!! Please re-consider any regulations to deny them the use of X-ray technology. Thank you!


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