In response to concerns expressed by members of the Natural Health Products community about proposed regulatory changes, Jenny Kwan, MP, and Don Davies, MP (NDP Health Critic), hosted a round-table discussion in Vancouver on April 23.  Both Members of Parliament are concerned by what they’re hearing from their constituents and have offered to speak out on behalf of Natural Health Product stakeholders and consumers.

The first step is the gathering of information.  We need to bring your perspectives, concerns, and suggestions into the conversation.   Our request is that you complete the questionnaire below and return it to by May 10. If you have questions, or require clarification on something you’ve heard, please contact me and I’ll get an answer back to you as quickly as possible.  We have the opportunity to raise awareness of this issue before the fall election, but we need your voice!

Thank you for your participation!

Canadian Natural Health Product Stakeholders Questionnaire