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HANS is a non-profit society dedicated to ensuring Canadians have knowledge of and access to the powerful and effective properties of natural, complementary and alternative medicines and therapies.

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Medical Alchemy, Spagyrics and Astrology for the Practicing Herbalist with Sajah Popham

Course Information Throughout the Renaissance Era, herbalism was often studied and practiced in juxtaposition with 2 of the sacred sciences of the Hermetic tradition: alchemy and astrology. These vast subjects provide a metaphysical backbone to the philosophy and practice of clinical western herbalism, as well as refined methods of harvesting, preparing, and administering plants in a way that is in accordance with the spirit, energetics, and chemistry of our herbal remedies. In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the fundamental principles of western alchemy and medical astrology, including how to prepare spagyric medicines, determine astrological correspondences in plants, and cultivate a truly holistic philosophy and practice of herbalism that unites the above and below, the spirit and the body of both people and plants. This model gets far beyond the use-this-herb-for-that-symptom model of allopathic herbalism and into a holistic approach that allows you to find the specific remedy that matches the specific constitution and temperament of the people you serve. “It is through the synergy of alchemy and astrology that we reclaim the metaphysical backbone of western herbalism and achieve the ancient axiom of as above, so below through the intelligence of the plant kingdom” -Sajah Popham Course Instructor Sajah Popham, founder of Organic Unity and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, is a student of the universal truths found within both ancient and modern herbal traditions from around the world. The focus of his work is on integrating ancient teachings for a new paradigm of plant medicine, one that is truly holistic in its honoring of the spirit, energetics, and body of both people and plants. His unique synthesis bridges herbalism not only east and west, but north and south, above and below, into a universal philosophy that encompasses indigenous wisdom, Ayurveda, western Alchemy and Spagyrics, Astrology, clinical herbalism, and modern pharmacology. Sajah’s vitalist approach utilizes plants not only for physiological healing and rejuvenation, but for the evolution of consciousness, for a truly holistic practice of plant medicine. Sajah’s teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife where he teaches at his school, makes spagyric medicines, and practices his art. For more information about his products and programs, visit www.organic-unity.com and www.evolutionaryherbalism.com. Course Dates Saturday and Sunday, November 24-25, 2018, 9:00am- 5:00pm Course Tuition Regular – $300 (Early Bird – $285, until October 1) Students* – $275 (Early Bird – $250, until October 1) PRC Alumni – $285 (Early Bird – $265, until October 1) *PRC diploma students will receive 1 WHS academic credit for this workshop.

Contact: Alissa Woods

A Natural Prescription for Supporting Digestion and Balancing pH: Learn to Monitor, Detect and Modify Interrelated Imbalances in Order to Optimize Health with RoseMarie Pierce

Course Information As a Holistic Pharmacist, RoseMarie draws upon her more than 45 years of experience in both natural and conventional medicine to explore the relationship between digestion, the internal body’s pH, and many of today’s common health concerns. She weaves her practical knowledge of stomach acid and pH testing methods, natural supplement formulations, and extensive retail product knowledge into a guide for both the practitioner and the consumer. This 2-day intensive workshop provides an in-depth yet practical understanding of the upper part of the digestive system, including the role of stomach acid, enzymes, bile salts and pancreatic juices. Students will learn the following: the fundamentals of alkaline- and acid-forming foods, buffering agents and their effects on the pH of the body’s fluids and stomach acid, and how to correct the imbalances and restore both pH and stomach acid secretions. Participants will also gain a practical understanding of how digestive supplements and digestive aids work, the different types, and their effective applications. Day 1 will focus on upper GI digestive disorders, the effects of certain foods, lifestyle habits, drugs and their toll on the body’s internal pH. Review digestive processes and the importance of digestive enzymes, bile salts and stomach acid Explore methods for determining and correcting low stomach acid levels Learn about the gut-brain connection and the enteric nervous system Understand the effects of stress, negative emotions, the power of the mind Evaluate the effects of acid-blocking drugs, antacids and curtain foods on digestion, the gut lining and pH balance Learn how to help relieve bloating, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and inflammation of the intestinal lining Understand the benefits and contraindications of certain supplements, i.e. digestive and systemic enzymes, HCl supplements, activated charcoal, bone broth, glutamine, N-acetyl-glucosamine plus more Day 2 will focus on the body’s internal pH, inflammation, and disease conditions attributed to or exacerbated by low-grade acidosis. Develop the connection between an alkaline body and an acidic stomach Discuss how to detect and support optimal mineral bioavailability and absorption Explore how to monitor and adjust pH levels for different health conditions Review how the lungs and kidneys are involved in acid-base balance and the role of bicarbonate Understand oxalate and kidney stone formation; how to create urinary alkalization with foods and supplementation Learn how low-grade acidosis effects: bone density, arthritis, nitric oxide levels, poor healing, low energy, memory, and poor athletic performance Samples as well as written instructions will be provided for testing pH and stomach acid. Course Instructor RoseMarie Pierce, B.Sc. Pharm, earned her degree in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University in 1972. After extensive studies in herbology and nutritional medicine, RoseMarie integrated these disciplines with her pharmacy practice to become Canada’s first Holistic Pharmacist. She is recognized as one of Canada’s well-loved integrated health spokespeople. Throughout her career, she has researched and formulated natural medicines, and lectured across Canada on holistic health with a special emphasis on women’s hormonal health, digestive issues, cognitive wellness, eye health, inflammation and pH balance. RoseMarie has a natural ability to present technical information in an easy-to-understand format and acts as a catalyst for individuals who wish to improve their health, enjoy vitality and realize their potential. She is the senior product formulator and the Direct of Educational Director & Research for Prairie Naturals Health Products. She has over 45 years of extensive experience in both the Natural Health Industry as well as in conventional medicine.

Contact: Alissa Woods

Channel Examination and Diagnosis: An exploration of classical acupuncture technique with Jason Robertson

Course Information Channel examination is a classical diagnostic approach not often taught in modern acupuncture schools in the west. Emphasized in the earliest acupuncture texts (Nei Jing/Nan Jing), examination of the channels is extremely helpful for confirming diagnosis and refining point selection. This two-day class will focus on learning the basics of channel examination with a specific focus on palpation through interactive lectures and hands-on practice of technique. In addition, an exploration of channel-based physiology will be presented from the text Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine. Subjects covered will include: Classical channel physiology and a discussion of how physiology manifests with specific, palpable changes on the acupuncture channels. Techniques for palpating each of the twelve major channels. This section of the class will involve hands-on work by the students; palpating channels on each other with feedback from the instructors. How to utilize information gleaned from channel palpation to refine and simplify diagnosis. Introduction to the acupuncture treatment style (including point selection) of Dr. Wang Ju-yi (ç‹ å±… 易 ). Live demonstrations of channel palpation and diagnosis by the instructor with discussions of clinical strategies. Course Instructor Jason D. Robertson is the co-author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Eastland Press, 2008) with his teacher Professor Wang Ju-yi (ç‹å±…易). Mr. Robertson has studied Chinese language for 20 years and has studied Chinese medicine in Chengdu and Beijing. He currently maintains a private practice in Seattle, WA, and is a full-time faculty member at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine and a visiting faculty member at Pacific Rim College. Mr. Robertson has taught courses on channel theory and diagnosis around the world. Course Dates Saturday and Sunday, December 1-2, 2018, 9:00am-5:30pm

Contact: Alissa Woods

Supporting People with IBS due to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Join Dr. Leah Hassall, ND, in learning more about the most common cause of IBS: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). It is estimated that up to 84% of cases of IBS are due to an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, which is typically almost sterile. For reasons that will be explored in this weekend workshop, some people will develop too much bacteria in the small intestine and experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and changes in the frequency and consistency of bowel movements. Topics include when to suspect SIBO, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated and how to support people on a SIBO diet. Participants will leave with lecture handouts, supportive resources and experience in dietary consultation and meal planning for people with SIBO .

Contact: Alissa Woods

Whole-System Healing: Reconnecting Health Care with Social and Ecological Justice

This workshop will establish a profoundly holistic context for contemporary healing professions by investigating the linked phenomena of ecological and social unravelling and how they worsen or heal in relation to our health-care systems and choices. Through a focus on the interconnections between ecosystems, social determinants, cultural contexts and the individual experience of health, we will explore opportunities for community-level action with a view towards broad, systemic change. Participants will leave informed, inspired and equipped with practical resources for advancing their own initiatives or creating new ones together. Saturday: Health care and the earth body Our morning session will explore health care for humans with the entire web of life in mind. We will unpack the ecological implications of different conceptions of and approaches to health care by looking at: ecological literacy – our understanding of the natural systems that make life on earth possible; potential ecological impacts and downstream health effects of the production and use of both petrochemical- and plant-based medicines; and climate change and the future of health care. Our afternoon session will focus on reimagining health care as healing not only the individual but also the ecological community. Through case studies and shared participant experiences we will explore systems-based approaches that sustain and restore people by sustaining and restoring places. Sunday: Health care and the social body Our morning session will explore the complex factors that have impacted traditional healing systems and given rise to persistent inequities in health outcomes. We will explore: principles of social justice and decolonization, and the importance of understanding our own positionality as practitioners; the social determinants of health; the cultural contexts of health; and community engagement and dialogue for healing. Our final session will explore (re)emerging models of health care that aspire to address and heal the wounds in our collective social body. In discussions and group sessions, participants will have a chance to share their current initiatives or dreams for the future in order to seek support or opportunities for collaboration with others.

Contact: Alissa Woods

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