This is an important opportunity to be heard.

You may be aware that Health Canada is slowly implementing a new regulatory framework that harmonizes Natural Health Products (NHPs) and Over the Counter Drugs (OTCs).

Though Health Canada may disagree, it appears that full implementation of the framework would most impact smaller manufacturers; practitioners who compound; products and practices that rely on “traditional claims”, e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine; and products and practices that rely on “permitted claims”, e.g. Homeopathy.  In response to our questions about traditional and permitted claims, Health Canada stated, in an October letter to Health Action Network Society, that “Through the incremental approach set out in its Forward Regulatory Plan, Health Canada has identified areas for future consideration, including evidentiary standards for similar health claims, Health Canada also signaled its intent to consider seeking additional powers, such as the ability to require a recall or change a label.” 

This is an important opportunity for Canadians to speak up in support of the products you choose in support of your best health.  Please complete, submit, and share.  Health Freedom in Canada needs you!  Access the survey by clicking here.