Following the meeting agenda, we’re honoured to have Anthony Fulker tell us his story:

Health Reclaimed!

In 1987 Anthony came down with a chronic, degenerative illness and in spite of a background in biology and the best mainstream medical care available, his symptoms mounted and his quality of life diminished. After eight years of relying on western medical care he finally, and desperately, turned to an alternative health care perspective. He embraced alternative modalities and in a very short period of time, reclaimed his health and his life. He has since made it his mission to continue studying how we can best support our natural healing potential and share that information with all who are interested.

Today Anthony is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Educator. A popular presenter in Canada and the U.S., he is the creator and co-producer of the video-based educational resource, The Lazarus Health Project. Anthony will share his inspiring story of how he reclaimed his health. He`ll also share some of the key distinctions, steps and actions that we can all embrace, for free or almost free, to better realize our healing potential and to experience greater health, vitality, and happiness regardless what our health challenges or goals may be.