Welcome to Hans@home2020 – the campaign designed to provide Canadians with the most credible, unbiased, evidence-based health and wellness information.

HANS@home2020 focuses on eight topics that, according to a recent HANS survey, our members are most concerned about.  The eight topics, in order of priority, follow:

  • GMO Labeling
  • Aging Brain Health
  • Pesticide Use
  • EMF Exposure
  • Mental Health (Addictions, Depression, Social Media)
  • 5G Implementation
  • Lead Content in Community Water Sources
  • Zero Waste

HANS is in a unique position to support Canadian natural health in several ways.  We create public demand through consumer-focused, non-activist public education.  We create awareness campaigns that give an empowered public a voice and an opportunity to advocate for themselves.  We respond, on behalf of the natural health community, to obstruction by government, regulatory colleges and Canadian media.

Who Benefits from The Existence of Health Action Network Society (HANS)?

All Canadians

Our education campaigns and events teach Canadians that there are health and wellness options beyond what the conventional system has to offer.  Our advocacy protects health freedom and Canadians’ right to access those products and therapies.

Provincial Health Systems

67% of deaths per year in Canada are caused by four major chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases. Three out of five Canadians aged 20 and older have a chronic disease and four out of five are at risk.  HANS’s promotion and protection of natural products supports a preventative approach not typically found in conventional medical practice.  As numerous studies indicate, chronic disease prevention results in substantial medical system savings.

The Natural Health Industry

Though our primary concern is consumer and patient access to the natural and integrative products and practices of choice, manufacturers and retailers indirectly also benefit from HANS’s work.  Our public awareness and education campaigns create market demand.  We create public pressure that impacts Health Canada regulatory practice decisions.

HANS Needs Your Support!  Please Help Us Protect Natural, Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Practices and Products by becoming a HANS Member!

After 35 years of supporting the natural health industry, HANS now needs your support.  The BC Government recently cut HANS’s funding, reducing our operating revenue by 50 percent (for the story visit https://www.hans.org/british-columbia-no-place-for-health-freedom/).  We are now appealing to the community we serve to support our very necessary work.  We invite you to join us in achieving our vision of informed health freedom for all Canadians by becoming a HANS member.  You can purchase a membership online, for only $40 per year, at https://www.hans.org/membership/

If you’d like to learn more about HANS, please contact Naida Geisler, General Manager, at naida@hans.org.