Sign our petition and help HANS send a message to the Government of Canada, House of Commons, and Health Canada, that you – an educated Canadian consumer – do not want the federal government restricting or compromising your access to the Natural Health Products (NHPs) of your choice!

If it ain’t broken – don’t fix it!  Current NHP regulations, implemented only 15 years ago, are not only adequate; they are globally respected and provide a perfect balance of consumer safety and consumer choice. Proposed regulations (The Self-Care Framework) are random, unnecessary, and not based on a legitimate concern or serious incident(s). In fact, there has never been a single NHP death in Canada of a consumer who used the product as directed.

Additionally, Health Canada is moving through this process with a lack of transparency and few details, resulting in speculation and distrust.

Under the proposed Self-Care Framework:

  • NHPs may be subject to chemical drug standards of evidence and may have to undergo clinical trial processes.
  • Evidence-based claims that NHPs can positively impact chronic and serious disease will not be allowed.
  • Practitioners may not be allowed to prepare (compound) individualized natural remedies.
  • Proposed NHP regulations will stifle product innovation due to claims restrictions and compliancy costs.
  • Proposed NHP regulations will subject NHP companies to licencing fees, administrative “cost recovery” measures, potential  monetary penalties, and licencing fees.
  • Proposed NHP regulations may disregard traditional and current claims of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal remedies, and homeopathy, a move that would disrespect the healthcare traditions of a multicultural Canada, particularly Chinese, indigenous, and South-Asian Canadians.
  • All of the above will adversely impact manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately, consumers.

For more information, visit Health Action Network Society’s HANDS OFF MY NHPs! campaign.