Geoff Regier is an independent animal advocate and investigator. He spent his formative years growing up and working on a small family farm in the Fraser Valley.

It wasn’t until moving off the farm that Geoff found his way into veganism, animal rights activism, and then undercover investigations with Mercy For Animals. For three years Geoff worked undercover in modern farms and slaughterhouses across Canada, documenting conditions and working with law enforcement to hold perpetrators accountable for farmed animal abuse and neglect. His work inside Canada’s egg farms pushed multiple companies to ban cages from their supply chains. His investigation inside Canada’s largest dairy farm received international media coverage and not only shocked the nation but also resulted in multiple animal cruelty convictions against the owner and the company itself. His investigations have led to new corporate animal welfare reform policies.

Geoff Regier is a wealth of information on standard legal practices used on animals. He has also worked closely with Canada’s leading expert on Farm Animal Law, lawyer Anna Pippus of Animal Justice Canada who is leading judiciary change for animals. Now retired from undercover work, Geoff serves as a spokesperson in the media and focuses his efforts on a range of public awareness campaigns, educating Canadians about modern farming practices and encouraging people to make dietary changes to reflect their values of compassion and justice for animals. He now lives with a small flock of hens rescued from egg farms.

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