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You can also add a little avocado or a handful of roasted or raw nuts. How to combine food Once we know the recommended foods, we need to know how to combine them in our daily menu. A good scheme would be as follows: DISTRIBUTION DAY TYPE BREAKFAST         Lácteo. Example: skim milk coffee Cereal. Example: 2 toasts (with turkey) MIDMORNING Fruit. Example: 2 Kiwis FOOD Vegetables. Example: Zucchini Cream Cereal, legumes or tuber. Example: Baked Potato Protein Example: Grilled Chicken Lácteo. Example: Skimmed Yogurt SNACK  Fruit. Example: 1 banana DINNER Vegetables. Example: Green Salad Cereal, legumes or tuber : Example: small garnish of brown rice Protein Example: Salmon with papillote Lácteo. Example: Skimmed Yogurt. So important is to choose foods well as to cook them properly. The most recommended cooking is those that can be prepared with low fat. If you cook for more than one calculate the amounts of the recipe in proportion to your diet.


Use the iron and the oven. You can steam or boil. And if you are a little cooker, you will surely know how to make a stew or a sauce without overdoing it. The trick is to simmer, stir occasionally and add a little broth if you see it dry or stick. In order to carry out the diet, you must always have fruits and vegetables at home. Ideally, buy at least once a week a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (for salads, vegetable creams, saute, to boil ...). Lose belly fat. And if the week is complicated and you do not have time, it is always good to have at home-canned vegetables such as asparagus or artichokes that solve a dinner for you. When you buy fish or meat, buy for more than one day and what you do not consume in 1 or 2 days you freeze. Having eggs in the fridge is always a great resource! If you have a compromise in sight, don't worry! If you go to a restaurant, choose a salad first and something grilled or grilled second, or a carpaccio that is delicious. Try not to drink more than one glass of wine and drink water. And if they invite you to someone's house, just relax, and take moderate portions. It is natural that anyone who wishes to lose weight wants to do so quickly.

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Great information, Thanks for sharing