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Collaborative Oncology Level 1
Where:Pacific Rim College
When:April 6 - 7, 2019 9am - 5pm

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Phone:2504832119Email:[javascript protected email address]

This weekend course will cover the following: What cancer is, how it starts, how it progresses, what goes wrong and what can be done to counteract the aberrant cell behaviors Cancer prevention and immune building protocols Why the liver is so important and how to support it Stress, Liver and the Immune system in cancer – materia medica for building the foundation (adaptogens, alteratives and immune tonics) How to read blood work and pathology reports, what other ways of testing are open to herbalists and how to assess the cancer patient. Saturday: Understanding the biomechanics of cancer – pathophysiology, disease initiation and progression Review of health foundations – liver & detox pathways, stress and adaptogens, immune support Sunday Assessing the cancer patient and specific treatment planning Individualizing the protocols – treatment planning: tests and assessments, stabilizing DNA, modulating growth factors, anti-angiogenesis, strengthening connective tissue, normalizing hormones Learning objectives: After completion of Holistic Oncology Level 1 the student shall be able to: Recognize and mitigate exogenous risk factors for cancer – diet, environment, stress Assess for and clinically control for endogenous risk factors for cancer – glycation, oxidative stress load, detoxification pathways, coagulopathies Assess for and clinically control co-morbidities and symptoms of cancer Create a comprehensive foundation treatment plan for a cancer patient, taking into account their unique oncologic typology Course Instructor

Contact: Alissa Woods

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