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Trager Somatic Body Therapy Level 1 Training
Where:342 Water Street Vancouver BC
When:July 8 - 14, 2018 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Cost:$900 until May 31, $950 June 1-July 7

Contact Information
Phone:250-897-6454Email:[javascript protected email address]

Learn Trager - Somatic Body Therapy that changes client's lives and is gentle on the practitioner's body. Learn Trager - how to initiate movements in your client's body that heal by integrating old injuries, improving posture and teaching efficient body use. Learn Trager - touch and movements that calm the nervous system and encourage a sense of peacefulness Learn Trager - self-care for clients and practitionersLearn Trager - as a stand alone modality or to augment other modalities. Professional Trager practitioner status - The Level 1 training is the first 48 hours of the total of 226 hours of supervised training. In addition, 185 hours of practicum/fieldwork is required for practitioner status. Adjunct to other modalities - The Level 1 training will give you enough new skills to incorporate additional tools to your current professional practice. Skilled touch for friends and family - The Level 1 training focuses on the fundamentals of Trager touch and movement. You can expect to be comfortable creating touch and movement with your family and friends even if you don't have prior touch training. Personal Development - The Level 1 training can offer you an new experience of yourself, as you receive this concentrated amount of bodywork. The philosophy underlying Trager may offer further development of how you relate to yourself and others. Regardless of the intention and prior experience of the students, the atmosphere of the training is one of open and curious exploration in an environment of support. The Level 1 Trager training focuses on how to create the relaxation effect of Trager Somatic Body Therapy. The focus is on refining the quality of touch that elicits the client's trust and willingness to sink into profound relaxation as well as learning to create the rhythm of movement that loosens the client's tight joints at the same time as it demonstrates how the client can be integrated in their movements. As a student, you will have ample opportunity to practice these skills with the other students under supervision.

Contact: Chris Bruels

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