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Astounding Secrets to Your Vitality
Where:Holiday Inn Express , Metro Town, Burnaby
When:April 27, 2018 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Contact Information
Phone:250 764 2852Email:[javascript protected email address]
Website:www.donnaroth.com and www.tafyh.net

Donna Roth BA BEd MH, author of Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury , sold over 5000 copies, is a passionate dynamic speaker that has worked in the field of therapeutic nutrition for over 35 years. She is the founder of TAFYH , a 15 minute teleconference call guiding you through your own health action plan. Because of the impact her work has had on clients with cancer she has been nominated for the Dr. Rogers Prize 3 times. In this presentation you will discover your Vitality Robbers and become aware of your body temperature and its connection to your blood circulation and correspondingly to your organ health, muscle health, joint health, brain health and ultimately your vitality. With Donna's 35 years of expertise she discloses her secrets to her successes with 1000's of clients. In her talk Donna addresses 5 pillars to health: injury , inflammation , elimination, infection and circulation. Her presentation is unique where you witness how the Laws of Nature are applied to your health.,

Contact: Donna Roth

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