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A Materia Medica Intensive for the 21st Century with Paul Bergner
Where:Pacific Rim College
When:September 22 - 23, 2018 9am - 5pm

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Phone:2504832119Email:[javascript protected email address]

Course Information We will study in depth 60 herbs in 18 categories, emphasizing for each small group constitutional indications, differentials between similar herbs, and ways to use that category therapeutically and in formulation. We will look at correlations between Western and Asian materia medica, some forgotten herbs that should be remembered, and traditional herbs which may be useful for emerging syndromes and conditions not typically seen in traditional literature. By studying closely the sometimes small differences or the overlapping properties of similar herbs, we can learn how to substitute herbs within a category, or join similar herbs into simple compounds for a broader but still-focused physiological and humoral action. Categories to be covered include: Topical herbs with anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects Topical antiseptics with immune strengthening effects Topical antiseptics with strong mucous membrane effects Drying mineral-rich herbs Systemic demulcents Alterative immune-enhancers Chamomile as a category of its own The bitter mints Antispasmodic herb differentials Three cohoshes in the clinic. Anti-inflammatory herbs hot in the third degree Carminative relaxants for the system Tonic astringents to hepatic portal system Herbs which can relax liver tension Stimulating adaptogens Immune enhancing adaptogens Adaptogens for the dry patient Warming herbs for the reproductive system Course Instructor Paul Bergner is Director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Portland, Oregon. He has studied and practiced natural medicine, medical herbalism, and nutrition since 1973. He has supervised residents in teaching clinics for medical herbalism and clinical nutrition continuously since 1996, mentoring more than 250 clinical graduates, and has published and edited the Medical Herbalism journal since 1989. He has authored seven books on medical herbalism, clinical nutrition, ethnobotany, and naturopathic medicine. Combining information from both nutritional anthropology and biomedicine, he developed a successful protocol for treating insulin resistance between 1997 and 1999, and has been utilizing and teaching the protocol to residents in his teaching clinics since that time. He has lectured on this topic at professional conferences nationally and internationally since 2000.

Contact: Alissa Woods

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