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Advanced Topographic Acupuncture Module with Dr. Bruce Ferguson
Where:229-560 Johnson Street (Market Square) Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
When:September 16 - 17, 2017 9:00 - 5:00 pm
Cost:Regular $300 (Early Bird $285, until July 30) Students* $275 (Early Bird $250, until July 30) PRC Alumni $285 (Early Bird $265, until July 30)

Contact Information
Phone:250-483-2119Email:[javascript protected email address]

Topographic Acupuncture is the system of minimal needle, distal point acupuncture that utilizes concepts of “mirror” and “image” to choose points to treat virtually any pathology in the body. Topographic Acupuncture is known for its ultra-rapid clinical results. This 2-day workshop is the second of a 2-part series. In the first module we introduced the theoretical basis for Topographic Acupuncture, as well as the 6 basic systems for treating specific, well-delineated pathological processes in the body. The participants were amazed by results that superseded any that they had imagined could have resulted from acupuncture. In the second module we will investigate the use of Topographic Acupuncture to treat global vs local disharmonies. We will also learn to treat syndromes that are too common in modern human cultures such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, immune deficiency, autoimmune disease, endocrinological disorders, and more. Lastly, we will discover how to use Topographic Acupuncture to Balance the body by special combinations of points. As in the first module, students will first observe the application of Topographic Acupuncture, then learn to derive “Point Combinations”, then actually treat real patients with clinical disharmonies. By the end of the weekend course, virtually every student will have experienced a positive clinical result that many describe as “miraculous”. The astute student will be prepared to treat both basic and complex disharmonies after this 2nd advanced Topographic Acupuncture module. Course Instructor Bruce Ferguson, DVM, MS, is a world-renowned lecturer and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). In TCVM his expertise includes Tui-Na, Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy, and Acupuncture. As an acupuncturist he has studied with numerous masters and has evolved his own minimal-needle, distal-point system which yields rapid clinical results. His experience diagnosing and treating a huge variety of human and non-human patients in many different geographical areas of the world has given him unique insight into patterns that supersede local disharmonies. His humor and logic make his information transfer both fun and memorable. Dr. Ferguson is the President of the American Association of TCVM and the vice-President of the World Association of TCVM. He is an Assistant Editor for the American Journal of TCVM, where he has also published notable papers on the TCVM Pulse, and new acupuncture point locations, among other topics. Bruce is also the 2015 recipient of the Ma Shi Huang TCVM Practitioner of the Year Award.

Contact: Alissa Woods

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