January 15, 2010

  1. High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy Proven Effective
  2. Why Do I Keep Quitting My Diets?
  3. Book Review: Anastasia (The Ringing Cedar Series) by Vladimir Megre


High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy Proven Effective

by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

The medical literature has virtually ignored 75 years of physician reports and laboratory and clinical studies on successful high-dose vitamin C therapy.

Effective doses are high doses, often 1,000 times more than the US Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Daily Reference Intake (DRI). It is a cornerstone of medical science that dose affects treatment outcome. This premise is accepted with pharmaceutical drug therapy, but not with vitamin therapy. Most unsuccessful vitamin C research has used inadequate, low doses. Low doses do not get clinical results.

Investigators using vitamin C in high doses have consistently reported excellent results. High doses were advocated almost immediately after ascorbic acid was isolated by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. (1893-1986). Notable early medical pioneers of high-dose vitamin C (ascorbate) therapy are Claus Washington Jungeblut, M.D. (1898-1976); William J. McCormick, M.D. (1880-1968); and Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. (1907-1984). More recently, important work has been published by Hugh D. Riordan, M.D. (1932-2005) and Robert F. Cathcart III, M.D. (1932-2007).

Dr. Jungeblut, Professor of Bacteriology at Columbia University, first published on vitamin C as prevention and treatment for polio, in 1935. (1) Also in 1935, Jungeblut showed that vitamin C inactivated diphtheria toxin. (2) By 1937, Jungeblut demonstrated that ascorbate inactivated tetanus toxin. (3) Between 1943 and 1947, Dr. Klenner, a specialist in diseases of the chest, cured 41 cases of viral pneumonia with vitamin C. By 1946, Dr. McCormick showed how vitamin C prevents and also cures kidney stones; by 1957, how it fights cardiovascular disease. Beginning in the 1960s, Dr. Cathcart used large doses of vitamin C to treat pneumonia, hepatitis, and eventually AIDS. For more than three decades, beginning in 1975, Dr. Riordan and his team have successfully used large doses of intravenous vitamin C against cancer. The use of doses of tens of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C per day may be the most unacknowledged successful research in medicine.

Heard this one before? "If vitamin C was that good, doctors would tell their patients to take a lot of it." It is surprising how many physicians have done precisely that.

What's that? Your doctor still doesn't?

Why? Decades of physicians' reports and controlled studies support the use of very large doses of vitamin C.


(1) Jungeblut CW. Inactivation of poliomyelitis virus by crystalline vitamin C (ascorbic acid). J Exper Med 1935. 62:317-321.

(2) Jungeblut CW, Zwemer RL. Inactivation of diphtheria toxin in vivo and in vitro by crystalline vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Proc Soc Exper Biol Med 1935; 32:1229-34.

(3) Jungeblut CW. Inactivation of tetanus toxin by crystalline vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid). J Immunol 1937;33:203-214.

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Why Do I Keep Quitting My Diets?

by Ashley McIntosh, RHN

If you've quit yet another diet the first thing to know is that you are not alone.

Diets are designed to fail. In fact, 90 percent of all dieters gain the weight back within five years. So why are we spending 32 billion dollars a year on dieting products and services? We are given the false idea that using willpower and gathering more information about calories and fat grams is the answer to losing weight. In truth, it is not.

The reason diets don't work is that they are based on someone else's rules about the perfect diet. I say, write your own story. Everyone's body is different and needs a different amount and different types of food. The only way to correctly determine what's best for you is to listen to your body.

Stop counting calories. Instead, learn to eat according to your body's hunger signals, as explained in the steps below. Only then will you be eating the proper amount of food for your body to function. As a result your weight will gradually normalize. No deprivation required. No calorie counting. No fat gram calculations. Just you enjoying your food and living your life!

1. Learn your hunger signals
How do you know when you are hungry? How do you know when you are satisfied or full? Imagine a hunger meter, with 1 being when you are the least hungry, and 10 being when you are ravenous.

As much as possible, it is best to eat when you are at a hunger level of 3 or 4, and to stop eating at a 5 or 6. If you wait until you are at a level of 1 or 2 there will be a tendency to overeat and end up feeling uncomfortable at a 7 or 8. Do you see how the pendulum swings?

2. Check in before and after
Pay attention to how your body feels before and after eating. Do a check-in before eating: Are you truly, physically hungry? How much and what kind of food will make you feel the best right now?

After eating, ask yourself how you feel. If you feel nourished and energetic, remember the foods that allowed you to feel this way. If you feel sluggish or have digestive pains, then be present in your feelings and remember the kind of foods that made you feel this way. Next time you may not be so compelled to eat them.

3. Eat tasty and satisfying foods
If you eat foods you do not like, for example non-fat or low-calorie options, then you will not feel satisfied. When you are not satisfied you will eat more! When you eat foods that are satisfying and delicious, then you will feel deeply nourished and will need less to satisfy your hunger.

4. Feel pleasure and be present
Food is a wonderful source of pleasure, yet in our society we are often taught to feel guilty for eating. We have a mental list of 'good' and 'bad' foods and we tend to praise those who practice admirable self-control by staying on a diet of so-called good foods.

We have learned to rush through eating while sitting at our desks or in front of the television. These habits have taken the enjoyment out of eating. Because we don't enjoy our food enough, we tend to overeat.

Be present while you eat and taste every bite. If you take the time to revel in the pleasure of eating, then you will feel satisfied with a lesser amount of food. While you eat pay attention to the food you are eating by chewing each bite thoroughly and noticing the combination of subtle flavours and varying textures in your mouth.

5. Write your own story
Forget about what 'they' say. Instead, question authority. Every body is different, which makes it impossible to find one diet for all of us. When you read a diet book, know that it is representing one author's opinion (an author who doesn't know anything about your body, lifestyle and tastes).

Write your own story and know that you are the expert of your own body. Only you can determine the diet that is best for your health.

Stop dieting. Enjoy your food and get living!


Ashley McIntosh is a life coach and nutritionist who helps her clients make peace with food and their bodies so they can stop thinking about food all the time and start living their lives to the fullest. http://www.getliving.ca/


Book Review: Anastasia (The Ringing Cedar Series) by Vladimir Megre

Vladimir Megre didn't want to write a book. Vladimir simply wanted to get on with expanding his business to outlying communities in Eastern Russia and Western Siberia. This all changed when Vladimir met Anastasia, a young Siberian woman who lived alone in the Siberian taiga with no dwelling and no earthly possessions other than a dress, a cardigan, a kerchief and a pair of galoshes that were her deceased mother's.

Valdimir had been told of the ringing cedars of Russia, a sacred part of the Siberian Vedic culture, a year earlier by Anastasia's grandfather and great grandfather and he wanted to see one. Anastasia, knowing that her grandparents had spoken to this Russian businessman about the ringing cedar offered to show him both the ringing cedar and her forest home.

Valdimir spent the next three days with Anastasia and found her to possess incredible physical, intellectual and spiritual abilities along with internal and physical beauty. She exhibited an immense and perplexing wisdom and knowledge without the benefit of schooling or access to information in any conventional sense. She had a unique relationship with and knowledge of the natural world around her, living in complete harmony with bears, wolves, squirrels and all the various plants and trees.

Anastasia outlined to Vladimir her belief that the plight of man will not improve until we re-connect our lives with nature - our pristine origin. Through the three days in the Siberian taiga Anastasia showed Vladimir the degree to which she appreciated and respected the magnificence of nature and how she utilized nature to fulfill all facets of her life.

Anastasia also outlined to Vladimir that she had a dream. A vivid and exceptionally detailed dream to raise the consciousness of mankind. A dream in which despair yields to joy, desperation yields to abundance, narcissism yields to cooperation and war yields to peace. In this dream Vladimir is the messenger who carries her dream to the far corners of the world through writing a series of books that outline her teachings and prescription for fulfilling this dream. This, of course, came as quite a shock to Vladimir, but over the course of their three days a love story began to unfold culminating in the conception of their son and Vladimir's promise that he would write the book.

Perplexed by a multitude of issues around the writing of the book such as how to pay for it, advertise it, distribute it, remember everything that she had said and most of all, how he was going to be able to write this book without any prior writing experience, he put these questions to Anastasia.

In short, Anastasia told him not to worry - the writing skill would come, he would remember all that he needed, the resources would come, advertising would not be necessary and the book would sell millions of copies worldwide. And so it did!

Vladimir writes with an endearing sincerity and in fulfillment of his promise has now completed and published a series of nine books in the Ringing Cedars series that outline Anastasia's dream and her teachings. If your interest is traditional medicine, organic gardening, education, spiritual development or romance you won't be disappointed. Anastasia, through Vladimir, will put a smile on your face and cause you to question some of the choices that we all make in life and in so doing bring mankind one step further towards fulfillment of her dream. As Anastasia points out, human thought and the words we choose to represent those thoughts, constitute an energy capable of changing the destiny of man.

The journey begins with book 1, Anastasia, which is available online at: http://www.hans.org/store.

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