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Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd.

Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd.
Contact Name
Naomi Wolfman
Business Address
6729 Tisdall St.
Province / State
British Columbia
Postal Code / Zip Code
V6P 3M5
Phone Number
(604) 327-7056
Website Address
Full Description

Incontinence is a daily issue for 10% of Canadian population, according to the Canadian Continence Foundation, 2009. As a Continence RN I am passionate about empowering patients to discover and correctly use their own resources for better bladder and bowel control.

I assist people with bladder and/or bowel symptoms that interfere with enjoying life day to day. I use conservative, practical measures such as Kegel exercises, daily habits, bladder training or nutrition. I use biofeedback equipment as an adjunct training for pelvic floor exercises.

At Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd. we clarify myths, prevent, and give hope where hope has diminished.

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