By allowing one reporter to continuously engage in the propagation of public false anger, the CBC in British Columbia has lost all credibility as an unbiased news resource.  We’d like your thoughts on why our publicly-funded broadcaster allows this exploitation to continue, unchecked.  A comprehensive list of the attacks is below.

Date Title Author Link
Apr 16, 2018 B.C. health official voices ‘grave concerns’ after child given homeopathic remedy using rabid-dog saliva Bethany Lindsay
May 03, 2018 Province directs removal of anti-vaccine posts that broke B.C. rules for chiropractors Bethany Lindsay
May 03, 2018 Top doctor calls for sanctions against chiropractor for anti-vaccine video Bethany Lindsay
May 04, 2018 Vancouver chiropractor resigns from college board over anti-vaccine video Bethany Lindsay
May 24, 2018 Complaints levelled at B.C. naturopaths offering ‘complete elimination’ of autism Bethany Lindsay
May 29, 2018 Researcher wants oversight of alternative health care to ensure ‘science-based’ practices Bethany Lindsay
Jun 09, 2018 There’s an epidemic of bogus health claims online, and no easy cure Bethany Lindsay
Nov 08, 2018 Controversial naturopath gives up licence, says work ‘not going to change’ Bethany Lindsay
Nov 16, 2018 50 B.C. chiropractors refuse to remove misleading claims from websites, face possible discipline Bethany Lindsay
Nov 27, 2019 Major shakeup in regulation of health professionals proposed in B.C. to improve patient safety Bethany Lindsay
Dec 26, 2018 From rabid dog saliva to ‘Dr. Lipjob,’ these are the top B.C. health stories of 2018 Bethany Lindsay
Jan 17, 2019 Naturopaths still making ‘unacceptable’ number of dubious claims face minimum $500 fines Bethany Lindsay
Jan 22, 2019 27 B.C. naturopaths under investigation as college cracks down on misleading ads Bethany Lindsay
March 1, 2019 ‘Dangerous’ claims that homeopathic remedies prevent infectious disease under review by feds Bethany Lindsay
Mar 06, 2019 Dozens of B.C. naturopaths under investigation over advertising Bethany Lindsay
Mar 18, 2019 Ministry considered options for handling ‘dysfunctional’ chiropractors college after CBC report, FOI shows Bethany Lindsay
Mar 22, 2019 B.C. naturopath linked to illegal pot trade has licence cancelled Bethany Lindsay
Mar 27, 2019 B.C. poll suggests ‘concerning’ levels of belief in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories Bethany Lindsay
Mar 28, 2019 B.C. health minister looking into funding for charity spreading anti-vaccine claims Bethany Lindsay
Apr 11, 2019 Rip up current system and start over, recommends review of B.C.’s professional health colleges Bethany Lindsay
Jul 15, 2019 Federal NDP health critic pushes back on plans to require more evidence for health claims of natural products Bethany Lindsay
Oct 1, 2019 No ‘significant risk’ to children from chiropractic therapy, B.C. college says Bethany Lindsay
Oct 15, 2019 Chiropractor crackdown: College gives ultimatum on misleading health claims Bethany Lindsay
Nov 27, 2019 Major shakeup in regulation of health professionals proposed in B.C. to improve patient safety Bethany Lindsay
Dec 23, 2019 Chiropractors making misleading claims about pregnancy and birth targeted by B.C. regulator Bethany Lindsay
Jan 10, 2020 B.C. naturopath’s pricey fecal transplants for autism are experimental and risky, scientists say Bethany Lindsay
Jan 14, 2020 Taking children with autism to Mexico for fecal transplants ‘out of scope’ for naturopaths, regulator says Bethany Lindsay
Feb 12, 2020 Surrey naturopath-turned-councillor fined, suspended from practice for campaigning as ‘physician’ Bethany Lindsay
March 11, 2020 North Vancouver chiropractor cleared to return to work in face of 3 investigations Bethany Lindsay
March 12, 2020 Probes launched as B.C. chiropractors’ college targets misleading claims about childbirth Bethany Lindsay
March 14, 2020 B.C. chiropractors warned about ‘inappropriate’ claims on COVID-19 Bethany Lindsay
March 18, 2020 Surrey councillor’s post prompts warning to naturopaths about ‘potentially harmful’ COVID-19 claims Bethany Lindsay