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Ongoing Initiatives

Over the years there have been many campaigns and issues addressed by members of Health Action Network Society (HANS).  Some are current hot spots, such as the GMO Apple, while others simply remain an ongoing concern, such as the health effects of food irradiation.

Historically, some of the issues and concerns to HANS members are:

  • Diminishing Natural Health Product’s - Starting in the early 1980’s, there is a long history of concern about the diminishing number of natural health products available to Canadians.  This is always a worry to HANS as our members rely on natural products to keep them well.  HANS has sent representatives to Ottawa over the years to present its point of view, has hosted large public forums, published articles in Health Action Magazine.
  • GMO Apple
  • Health risks of food irradiation
  • Health and environmental effects of communal fluoridation programs
  • Health implications of mercury amalgams
  • Hazards of pesticide use (yard & gardens, farm workers, women)
  • Risks of Gypsy Moth spraying with Btk
  • Endangered Natural Health Products (presentations federally)
  • Hazards of chloramine for water purification
  • Risks of cellphone use and microwave towers
  • Hazards to the public of glass crushers used in liquor stores
  • Integration of natural therapeutics in health practice (presentations provincially)
  • Health concerns over genetically modified organisms (GMO) agriculture and consumption
  • Support for organic agriculture – ie HANS hosted the first two Heritage Seed Swaps at VanDuesen Gardens in Vancouver.
  • Are there health issues from vaccination and immunizations?
  • Participated in community workshops on ‘New Directions in Health Care’

While HANS reports on different natural health issues from time to time, groups of members follow them with decided passion and when enquiries come in on these topics, HANS often refers to allied organizations who are more focused on them.

Whatever the case, because of the interests of its members, HANS allies with natural health practitioners and providers, and environmental organizations who work for a more organic natural world view. 

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