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Regular Membership

Currently, this function of the website is unable to process regular and family memberships at this time. Please phone 604-435-0512 (or toll free 1-855-787-1891) and we’ll be happy to help! Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

Why join? The simple answer is: We Need You!

Every day, committed citizens take action to protect the freedoms our society so dearly cherishes and that people have sacrificed so much to preserve. In our own relatively small but committed way, HANS works for those same freedoms. The organization focuses on promoting the freedom of choice—specifically the freedom to choose in health care. Our members support the idea that there are many natural therapies that complement standardized medicine and that these therapies must be available to all citizens. For us to protect the freedom to choose natural, alternative, integrated or complementary therapies, we need a strong and supportive membership base. We need you!

This is what you receive!

You become a member of a group that is committed to achieving freedom of choice and greater access to options for personal health care.

You become an integral part of advancing natural wellness therapies and encouraging the development of the natural health products industry.

You become part of a community; we encourage our members to be active and get involved in everything from public awareness campaigns to policy making.

You can attend our annual general meeting and vote.

You also receive discounts at HANS events.

You receive the HANS eNews, a semi-monthly electronic newsletter.

You become part of the solution; the more members HANS has, the louder our voice.

How much does it cost?

We very much appreciate receiving whatever you are comfortable giving. If you would like to receive Health Action magazine, the minimum is $40.00 for membership for Canadian residents and $50.00 for U.S. residents. Family memberships are $50.00 for Canadian residents and $65.00 for U.S. residents.



Professional Membership

Grow Your Business & Grow Your Industry. A HANS Prefessional Membership Allows You to Do Both!

From the big picture perspective...

Do you think Canada needs an independent, non-government funded organization that acts on behalf of its members and the public on natural, complementary, integrated and alternative wellness issues?

If yes, than please know that in addition to our role in creating public awareness, HANS is also active in promoting individual freedom of choice and greater access to complementary and alternative medicine at the political level and economic level.  We are active in a number of areas that support these industries and therefore increase the prosperity of our members.

From the small (no less significant) picture perspective...

Do you want more business exposure?

Our online wellness directory uses state-of-the-art SEO functions to drive traffic to your website and to your HANS listing.

Our networking nights are ideal ways for you to meet other professionals in your neighbourhood; swap stories; swap business cards and make new connections in a social setting.

Do you want media exposure?

We invite our professional members to contribute story ideas and articles for consideration to our printed magazine as well as to our semi-monthly e-news. These articles are often uploaded on our website and generate additional hits/exposure. Do you host events?

The Calendar of Events on our website is an excellent resource for raising your event exposure, and it's exclusively available to HANS professional/business members.  You may also submit your events to our monthly e-calendar, which goes out to more than 2,000 HANS members and subscribers.

At HANS events (approx 12 per year), we offer yet more opportunities for promotion, including booths, brochures displays and giveaways. We often turn to our professional members to be our featured speakers at our events!

Professional Membership Benefits






$90.00 (recent graduate of an accredited school)

Clinic (2+ pros)


Support for an organization that supports your business
Interactive web directory listing with business description. Discounted sponsorship opportunities for HANS events
Discounted trade show participation
Admission to ‘business member only’ networking events
Free eNews and online promotion of your events
Access to closed Facebook practitioner group