In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.

— Henri-Frederic Ameil


The “Action” in Health Action… Highlights from 35+ years of service!
About 35 years ago, knowledge of natural medicine was restricted to a small community. A handful of individuals, seeing the lack of public knowledge about natural medicine, decided to form an educational society to host events and educate the public. Although many working titles were used for this activity, the charitable work settled with the name HANS – Health Action Network Society.

For many years, dedicated staff and volunteers at HANS have served a growing interest in natural medicine, hosting events, spearheading enquiries, and submitting briefs to government. Below is a sample of just some of the highlights of our achievements and activities over the years…


  • On May 7, HANS hosted the third annual Natural Wellness Career & Jobs Fair with over 25 exhibitors joining us @ UBC Robson Square for the fun-filled day of networking.


  • In October HANS & Mindful Co-hosted the Mind-alive! Conference- Exploring Natural Medicine for Mental Health. Guest speakers included lifecoach Deanna LoTerzo, Manon Bolliger, ND, Jason Marr, ND, Selena Faiers, MD, Catherine Cameron, DrTCM, & Christina Bjorndal, ND.
  • In January, HANS launched the Child Lifeline Outreach Program. We are researching the development of a program to subsidize natural therapies for families in need and below the poverty line.


  • On Oct 25th, HANS hosted the Mind-alive! Conference, Exploring Natural Medicine for Mental Health at the Vancouver Convention Centre. A very well received full-day event with guest speakers Dr. Brian Davies, Anthony Stephan of Truehope, Katolen Yardley, Dr. Ken Nedd and Dr. Jonathan Prousky.
  • On Sept 20th, HANS hosted “Natural Nutrition” in Penticton with Dr. Jese Wiens, Lisa Kilgour, RHN, and Dr. Sherry Ure.
  • On June 12th, hosted a free viewing of the documentary “Take Back Your Power” in Burnaby to a crowd of approx 80 attendees
  • On the road in May with Cancer Prevention & Healing events in Victoria (May 24th) and Sooke (25th). Speakers: Dave Vousden, Salvacare Biotechnologies Ltd, Corie Kielbiski, RHN, RYT, Randy Harney, MSc, Hillary Krupa, RNCP
  • March launched “Anti-GM Apple” campaign creating public awareness of the “Arctic Apple” and asking retailers to sign a letter stating they will not purchase or sell this apple. Read Story.
  • On April 5th, we hosted Vancouver’s first Natural Wellness Career Fair at the Vancouver Public Library where approx 20 exhibitors from schools and associations shared information with prospective students.


  • A second networking night on April 2nd at the Port Moody offices of Dr. Sharon, Gurm, ND.
  • Voted “Best Community Service Organization” for the 7th consecutive year!
  • On March 29th, we co-sponsored a free documentary viewing of “GMO-OMG” in Coquitlam along with Coquitlam Family Chiropractic and GE-Free BC
  • Launched HANS Professional Networking Nights on Jan 29th in Vancouver – these will take place every two months.
  • Hosted the 6th Annual Cancer Prevention and Healing Event, Oct 26th, in Burnaby, featuring Kathryn Tian, MSc, Dr.TCM, R.Ac, Sharon Gurm, BSc, ND and Robbie Wood, BDS, R.C.S. (Eng), D.D.Orth RCPS (Glasgow)
  • Attended the BC Naturopathic Association Annual Conference, Oct 15th and 16th
  • Co-sponsored and attended BrainSolutions Conference, Vancouver, Aug 26th


  • Voted “Best Community Service Organization” by the readers of the Burnaby Now Newspaper for the 6th consecutive year!
  • After nearly 25 years in the same location, HANS gets a new home and relocates to 214-5589 Byrne Road, Burnaby BC, V5J 3J1
  • Hosted “An Integrative Approach to Breast Health & Cancer Prevention” with Dr. Sharon Gurm of Port Moody Naturopathic Health & Wellness
  • Hosted “What’s Lurking in your Cosmetics & Personal Care Products” with Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA of Ferlow Botanicals
  • Hosted “Eat Well, Move Well, & Think Well” with Dr. Rozeela Nand, DC of Innate Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
  • Hosted “Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation” with Jim Waugh of
  • Hosted “Eye Health and TCM” with Dr. Weidong Yu of Wellspring Clinic
  • Exhibitor at the 41st annual Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference


  • Hosted 5th Annual “Cancer Prevention and Healing Conference” with Dr. Teresa Clarke BSc, MD, Brad Noyes and Rose Gour
  • Hosted “Treating Hay fever with TCM” with Dr. Katherine Tian, MSc. Doctor of TCM
  • Hosted “Intro to Therapeutic Touch” with Jean Ruttan & Lynda Harvey of the BC Therapeutic Touch Network Society
  • Hosted “Treating Skin Conditions with TCM” with Trevor Erikson, Dr. TCM
  • Hosted “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” with Dr. Don Nixdorf, DC
  • Attended meetings with Dr James Lunney, MP to develop an integrated approach to health and wellness in Canada
  • Hosted a meeting & luncheon with the Director General of the Natural Health Products Directorate for Canada, as well as colleagues from Health Canada, for the purpose of sharing members concerns as well as delivering the ‘Report to the National Health Product Directorate’, representing the interests of members, to NHPPA Director General Scott Sawler covering challenges & recommendations
  • Hosted “Theta Healing Seminar” with Brad Noyes of Green Thumb Healing and Glow Wellness
  • Hosted “Stress Survival Seminar” with Dr. Divi Chandna, MD, Dr. Katherine Tian Doctor of TCM, & Marie Chang of Insight to Wellness
  • Co-Sponsored Public Forum: Genetic Modification & The Future of Food with Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Society for a GE Free BC and the Vancouver Council of Canadians


  • HANS joins Facebook, Twitter & Youtube
  • Hosted “What You Should Know About Lyme Disease” with Dr. E. Murakami, Canada’s foremost Lyme Disease expert
  • Exhibitor at the 55th Annual Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention AND Participated in The Path To Wellness – BC TCM Acupuncture Day Celebration
  • Hosted 4th Annual “Cancer Prevention and Healing Conference” with Dr Johan Ghazali ND, Fances Fuller, and Dr Nelie Johnson MD, BSc, CCFP
  • Hosted Ayurveda: A Classic Model of Nature-based Sustainability with Jaisri M. Lamber, Ayurveda Consultant and Practitioner
  • Hosted “Digestion, Mercury and Your Health” with John Matsen, NDParticipated in the PosAbilities Wellness Fair, empowering people with developmental disablities


  • Hosted 3rd Annual “Cancer Prevention and Healing Conference” with Dr. Walter Lemmo, ND, FABNO; Master Coach, Intuitive & Empathic Healer Linda-Ann Bowling; Joanne Morgan, BHK of Back on Track Fitness and Gerard Tan BA, R.Ac.
  • Hosted Sat Dharam Kaur, ND, author of ‘The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer’ on the ‘Healthy Breast Seminar’
  • Hosted Allyson Burden, DCH, NES (Cert), Isabel Johnston LMT, DCH; Ming Dihn DCH, BScOT; El Cecchetto, BA (Hons), DCH on “Homeopathic Options for Travel/Flu and Children’s Immunization”
  • Hosted Philippe Souvestre, MD (France), R Ac (BC), and RRP (Canada) on ‘New Advances in Treating Brain Injury’
  • Hosted Bev Maya (medical herbalist), Trevor Erikson, (R.TCMP, R.Ac), Ashley McIntosh (RHN), and Alison Vandekerkhove (ND) on “Hormones into Menopause, TCM & Fertility, Intuitive Eating, & The Beauty of Hormone Balance”


  • Hosted constitutional lawyer, Shawn Buckley on ‘Endangered Natural Health Products – Part 11’ in three locations – Vancouver, Kelowna, and Penticton
  • Hosted 2nd Annual “Cancer Prevention and Healing Conference”
  • Hosted Lee Pulos, PhD on “Visions of the Future Mind”
  • Hosted Anita Bratt, ND on ‘New Childhood Epidemics – Effective Treatments for Autism and ADHD’
  • Hosted Harold Foster, PhD on ‘Alzheimer’s – Cause, Prevention, Reversal’
  • Hosted George Carlo, PhD, a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and Chairman of the Science and Public Policy Institute Washington, DC “Wireless: Popular, Convenient, & Hazardous to your Health”


  • Hosted ‘One Day for Cancer: Natural Approaches for Prevention & Healing’, with Mae Burrows of Toxic Free Canada (The Cancer Smart Consumer – How to Shop Safely), Sally Errey, RNCP, RHN, (Nutritional Secrets to Cancer Free Living), Heather Fay, MD (Getting Your Head Around Cancer: Use of Hypnotherapy and EFT), Lee Pulos, PhD (Energy Medicine – Biology of Empowerment), and Danny Jui, ND (Integrating Evidence-Based Natural Medicine)
  • Hosted Ted Kuntz, M Ed, expert on reducing stress, on ‘Peace Begins With Me; Motivation to change your Life’
  • Hosted Dr Brian Davies, ND, The Importance of Digestion for Health and Well-being
  • Hosted Mark McAfey, California farmer & expert on raw milk, on Raw Milk – a Real Controversy


  • Hosted Don Nixdorf, DC & Rafe Mair, former popular talk-show host and provincial Minister of Health, on “HANS Conversation on Health”
  • Hosted George Carlo, PhD, a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and Chairman of the Science and Public Policy Institute Washington, D.C. “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age”


  • Hosted Jeffery Smith, author of international best-seller entitled Seeds of Deception – “The Truth about Genetically-Modified Food”.
  • Hosted public lecture with Professor Dan Burke, prominent UK Cancer researcher – Latest Developments in Salvestrol Cancer Therapy.
  • HANS representatives went to Ottawa to represent consumers and made a presentation on Bill C420, a bill designed to take vitamins out of the drug category, and put into the food category.


  • Hosted public lecture with Harold Foster, PhD on “A Major Nutritional Discovery for strengthening the immune system and controlling HIV/AIDS/.”
  • HANS made four presentations throughout the year, to the provincial government, on the benefits of a preventative and integrative approach to health care. Also had a very successful open house for MLAs to introduce the society.


  • Hosted public lecture with Peter Bennett, ND, author of best selling Beat Fatigue – Feed Your Body


  • Sponsored best-selling author and popular medical Doctor, Dr. Gabor Mate on “How Our Emotions Contribute to Cancer & Chronic Illness; breakthrough thoughts for patients and families.
  • A HANS delegation met with the newly established Office of Natural Health Products to discuss the rights and needs of the consumer as regulations are defined.


  • Sponsored acclaimed cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, PhD, spoke on the renaissance in cell science, revealing how thoughts and beliefs control our cells
  • Sponsored John Thomas, author of Young Again, How to Reverse the Aging Process


  • HANS participated in an ad hoc committee resulting in the introduction of the “Medical Practitioners Act Amendment”, which if passed, would have enabled medical practitioners to practice complementary medicine without penalty or harassment from the College of Physicians and Surgeons


  • HANS hosted a well-deserved gala tribute to HANS founding member and long-time radio host of the “Health Living Show”, Croft Woodruff
  • Hosted Viera Scheibner, PhD, author of Vaccination, 100 Years of Orthodox Research, addressed the subject of childhood vaccinations and the science supporting her concerns
  • HANS joined Canadians Against Genetic Engineering (CAGE) to educate consumers on the hazards of genetically modified foods


  • Sponsored the visit of Carl Simonton, MD, world renown cancer specialist who spoke on the topic of “Emotions and Cancer”
  • Coordinated a public rally with an alliance of health groups calling for a public investigation into the dismissal of independent scientists employed at the Health Protection Branch – concerns about industry manipulation & negative impacts on health of Canadians.


  • Sponsored three public forums on National Health Products, with numerous guest speakers


  • Sponsored Health Action ’96, “Medical Mavericks”, featuring Hayward Rogers, MD; James Housten, MD; Jozef Krop, MD; Don Branigan, MD; Zigurts Strauts, MD; and Patricia Wales, ND


  • Launched the “Oh Yes I Can” program to support those on their wellness journey, featuring healing testimonials in our newsletter, on video, radio, and our website.


  • Launched HANS’ monthly “Speaker Series” to bring current, credible, and useful information to members on a wide range of health topics
  • Letter writing campaign to all MLA’s and media on cuts in medical coverage for supplementary services


  • Sponsored Natural Medicine for Children featuring Lendon Smith, MD and others. In 1994 the event received the “Heritage Award” for the City of Vancouver. It was eventually handed over to VanDusen Gardens
  • HANS’ delegation traveled to Victoria to give a presentation to the BC Government Caucus on the hazards of fluoride in community water supplies


  • Sponsored Natural Medicine for Cancer conference featuring Don Branigan, MD, Roxanne Davies and HANS member testimonials
  • Launched Endangered Health Products Campaign to protect health products threatened by legislation.


  • Sponsored Natural Medicine for Women, featuring Caroline DeMarco, MD, Chanchal Cabrera, Herbalist, Heather Herington, ND
  • Launched Endagered Health Products Campaign to protect health products threatened by legislation.
  • Sponsored the first annual Seedy Saturday, to bring awareness to the need to protect heritage and non-hybrid seeds.


  • Facilitated Terry Jack’s “Environmental Watch” organization to assist in cleaning up pulp mill pollution.
  • Standing Committee on Food Irradiation held hearings in Vancouver. As a result of the pro-action by HANS and others, the federal government halted promotion of food irradiation at that time.


  • Ongoing campaign to promote sustainable agricultural practices, i.e. organic agriculture, non-genetically modified food.
  • Ongoing support for alternative, complementary medicine and the physicians who use integrative therapies, to ensure that the public has access to these therapies.
  • July 25th. HANS constitution is officially adopted. View Constitution.


  • HANS becomes a Registered Charity! The first President of HANS Michael Brian pens Health Action Network Society’s “Founder’s Belief Letter”. View Letter.
  • Ongoing campaign to promote sustainable agricultural practices, i.e. organic agriculture, non-genetically modified food.
  • Ongoing support for alternative, complementary medicine and the physicians who use integrative therapies, to ensure that the public has access to these therapies.
  • HANS sponsors its first Health Conference with over two dozen speakers and 35 educational exhibits.


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