Show me the science - defeat of Bill C474

by L. G. Anderson
Source: HANS e-News - March 1, 2011

February 14, 2011

Dear MP Harper, Honourable Ritz, Ambrose and Aglukkaq, other MPs, Opposition MPs and editors:

The controversy over the defeat of Bill C474 is not sitting well with many thousands of Canadians. As I already mentioned to my MP who has been so gracious to listen to my concerns on Health and Health Canada as well as Agriculture (which to me go arm in arm), Canadians are feeling disenfranchised (powerless and ignored)  by the current government and its inability to consider what Canadians are wanting their government to do. Big business interest with their powerful (monetary perhaps) influential control seem to be behind the "thought" process in too many decisions in Ottawa.

On a recent radio talk show in Alberta, February 14, 2011, the host had invited the author of Bill C474, Mr. Alex Atamenenko, to discuss his views on the need for more regulations on GE seeds providing assurances to farmers and those in the agricultural business that GE seeds would not be available until there was safety and a market for such crops. The host, Mr. Brakenridge, seemed to feel that the science that supports the safety of GMO and GE seeds was a foregone conclusion―and the safety was indeed there, as per the science provided by the National Academy of Science.

I do not know how many of the MPs who voted "no" on this Bill C474 because they are told this same story but it is not without great amazement that no one took the time to research the research.

If you go on the National Academy of Sciences web site and you want to know who is involved in the science, then find the listings for who is involved, then in the form in only organization put the word Monsanto, and watch what pops up. Monsanto and the name of that employee.

Monsanto is on the board that is in charge of the science the host so boldly supports! Sorry Judge but that is a complete conflict of interest and I would not stake my country's future and life on this faulty and probably strong armed science for that is indeed what it is.

I have attached the "history of Monsanto" ( for those of you who are so sure about GMO and GE seeds. If only half of what is reported on Monsanto is true, you have failed Canadian farmers a thousand fold by believing a company that has a questionable track record and poor image. They want to control their GE seeds, make them the only source of food and control those who are allowed to use it. Give your head a shake.

There is no research that does not have Monsanto involved in one way or another. Why do you think that such renowned people like Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Mercola from the USA are totally opposed to the science. These gentlemen have nothing to gain by rejecting the research of GMO and GE seeds. Yet for some reason, our Conservative MPs and the Minister of Agriculture believe the science despite reports around the world of agricultural disasters starting to unfold.

The link on Montsanto is a must read to understand with whom you are supporting. If you really feel you are right in your decision that the science is correct/proof, then you must read the History of Monsanto. That you owe Canadians since it is Monsanto you are giving complete control to, so best you know with whhom you are dealing, Members of Parliament.

I love my country and I will not rest until there is some sense in Ottawa where MPs will do no harm by understanding what they are voting on.

I expect the NDP bills on GMOs, etc., that are coming up will be supported by the Conservative Party. Anything less is purely a lack of integrity and letting Canadians down, once again.

L. G. Anderson
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