Mercury Amalgams: Ask the expert

by Sandra Tonn
Source: Health Action, Summer 2009

To find out more about mercury removal, I spoke with HANS Professional Member Dr. Erika Komagata, who offers mercury-free dentistry in Vancouver.

Q: Is it important for everyone to remove mercury fillings?

A: It is important for everyone to be aware of mercury toxicity. I would certainly recommend never to have any amalgams placed. Not everyone should have mercury fillings removed because tolerance levels, immune system and metabolism vary from person to person.

A consultation with your dentist or naturopath is recommended in order to evaluate symptoms.

Q: Have you had patients whose health improved dramatically after you removed their mercury?

A: Yes, especially those who had chelation therapy afterwards to remove mercury from the body.

Q: What questions should a person ask his or her dentist to ensure safe mercury removal?

A: Ask what he or she will do to reduce the mercury vapour exposure during the removal process.

Q: What measures should a person take to detoxify from possible mercury toxicity after having mercury removed?

A: There are many different programs available. Consult your physician, naturopath, homeopath or other health-care provider who is knowledgeable and qualified in detoxifying the body of mercury.

Note: For a list of mercuryfree dentists visit the HANS Wellness Directory online. Naturopathic and homeopathic doctors are also listed.

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