BC Mayor Proclaims August Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness Month - A First in Canada

by Una St.Clair-Moniz
Source: From Media Release, July 24, 2009

A positive step forward has been taken by the Mayor of the City of Colwood, British Columbia with the official recognition of the growing illness, Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS, EHS, ES). This debilitating illness is negatively affecting the health of a growing segment of the Canadian public on an ongoing and daily basis.

EMS is a painful, chronic illness of hypersensitive reactions to electromagnetic radiation resulting from electromagnetic pollution. This illness is the result of continued use and deployment of untested and unregulated wireless technology, which include exposures to cell towers, cell phones, wireless internet (wi-fi, wi-max), smart meters and portable phones (note that the proposed Broadband over Power will greatly increase the severity and numbers of those affected). The illness of electromagnetic sensitivity is now recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Government as an Environmental Sensitivity.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Government and their Minister of Environment has issued a warning banning the marketing of wireless products in the home, including wireless internet (wi-fi) as a precautionary measure. The Israeli Environment Minister said that "..the health consideration comes before any economic consideration..".

"We urgently request that all levels of elected Canadian government officials act now to protect the Canadian public from the detrimental health effects of continued exposure to electromagnetic pollution, especially in learning institutions and other places where the public congregate with an expectation of safety, such as libraries, recreation and government facilities," says Una St. Chair-Moniz, executive director of Citizens for Safety Technology.

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Citizens for Safe Technology


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