Start a Petition to Ban BGH

by Helke Ferrie
Source: HANS e-News - December 15, 2007

The petition below was initiated by Dr. Shiv Chopra. This former Health Canada scientist's efforts in the 1990s stopped bovine growth hormone (BGH), a toxic chemical designed to artificially boost milk production in cows, from entering Canada's food chain in 1999.

BGH is known as a potent cancer-causing substance in humans, and the same is true for the antibiotics used in food-producing animals. They also harm human hormone production and initiate chronic diseases. Feeding slaughterhouse waste to herbivores (i.e. feeding cows to cows and pigs), which is banned in the European Union, is the primary cause of mad cow disease.

Federal MP Paul Dewar (NDP) will bring this petition, collected all over the country simultaneously, to Parliament in Ottawa in March 2008 as a bill which, if passed, would ban all these substances and practices in Canada.

Should the present Conservative (Harper) government fall before March 2008, MP Dewar's bill would die on the order papers, but if a large number of people have been found to support of this measure, not only could this bill then be successfully re-introduced, but leading non-governmental organizations would then also be able to take this petition forward and make it the centre of a national campaign to stop carcinogens from being allowed in our food supply.

Please copy/paste the petition below into a fresh document and do your best to get as many signatures as you can.  Then return the signed sheet packages to me by the end of February 2008, after which I'll forward the collection to MP Dewar.

My address is 1997 Beechgrove Road, Caledon, ON, L7K 0N3.

It is vitally important that you make sure that each sheet for the signatures has at the top the first sentence of the petition. Otherwise, it is legally not guaranteed that the signatures were collected for that specific petition.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Leave a message as to when to call you back, should you get my voicemail: 519-927-1049.

[copy/paste starting here]


November 2007

Whereas substances such as hormones, antibiotics, rendered slaughter wastes, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides, are currently allowed to be utilized in food production by the Canadian Government;

Whereas the use of these materials in food production is known to have led to a concomitant rise in cancer, antimicrobial resistance and disorders, such as immunological, hormonal and reproductive defects, and death in people:

Whereas the use of these materials in food production causes damage to the general health and wellbeing of the Canadian public;

Whereas the use of these materials in food production is harming the right to earn a reasonable livelihood among the farming communities of Canada;

Whereas the use of these substances in food production causes damage to a wider public interest of Canada;

Whereas the people of Canada have been objecting to the use of these substances in food production;

Whereas the people of Canada have the right to eat and nourish their families without the use of any such substances in food production:

Therefore, your petitioners call on the Government of Canada to prohibit the use of hormones, antibiotics, rendered slaughterhouse waste, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides in the production of food.

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[end copy/paste of petition here]
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