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Sugar levels in what we eat and drink: Why the tide may finally be turning against Big Food

30 June 2015 11:50AM
The first time I realised that I had unwittingly developed a close relationship with sugar was in the 1990s, when I was working in New York. The "natural" low-fat plain yoghurt I was eating for breakfast tasted unusually sweet....

Climate change called 'medical emergency'

24 June 2015 9:25AM
The threat to human health from climate change is so great that it could undermine the last 50 years of gains in development and global health, experts warned on Tuesday....

Universal Health Care Should Include Alternative Medicine

23 June 2015 10:08AM
I have been practicing as a family physician since 1995. I was born and raised in Canada and have always felt privileged to have access to health care. A few of my siblings have moved south of the border and have either had to pay for private insurance or completely go without....

Glycemic Levels and Cancer Recurrence

18 June 2015 1:11AM
I tell virtually every cancer patient that they should avoid sugar as much as possible. Some doctors insist that sugar has no effect on cancer. This is simply not what the scientific literature states. If you are trying to fight cancer or prevent the recurrence of cancer, then you should make an...

5 Ways Exercise Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

17 June 2015 10:29AM
There's no denying that regular exercise brings many physical benefits -- it's recommended by medical professionals, health organizations and governments as a key part of a healthy life -- but physical fitness isn't the only benefit of exercise....

A challenge for new doctors: Focus on the patient, not just the symptoms

16 June 2015 12:13AM
Mr. Chancellor, Mr. President, distinguished guests, soon-to-be MDs and their deeply indebted family members. I’m touched and humbled to receive an honorary degree from the University of Manitoba. Thank you for letting me share this special moment with you....

Organic farming isn't just green - it's very good business

11 June 2015 9:45AM
With a growing body of evidence pointing to the environmental damage inflicted by large-scale agriculture — from rainforest clearing and other forms of habitat destruction, to high carbon outputs and the ecological impacts of pesticides — exploring more eco-friendly...

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