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HANS is a non-profit society dedicated to ensuring Canadians have knowledge of and access to the powerful and effective properties of natural, complementary and alternative medicines and therapies.

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Natural Wellness Career & Jobs Fair

Join us for the third annual Natural Wellness Career & Jobs Fair! For those interested in careers or jobs in everything from nutrition to chiropractic to naturopathic medicine. Come network with colleges and employers and see what the buzz is about! Sponsored by: Facebook event page ..

Latest News From the Natural Wellness Industry

Dietitians urge Ottawa to enact tax on sugary beverages

9 February 2016 10:52AM
The Dietitians of Canada are calling for a tax of up to 20 per cent to be placed on pop, chocolate milk and other sugar-sweetened beverages that are contributing to the country’s obesity problem. ...

For the Love of Farming

5 February 2016 12:25AM
When Erik Nielsen was growing up in the countryside of Denmark, he always wanted to be a farmer.  And although his schooling took him in another direction Nielsen is now fulfulling his dream....

Gwyneth Paltrow warns of dangers of 'toxic' mobile phones and drinking tap water in latest Goop post... but experts say she is scaremongering

1 February 2016 1:30AM
Whether she's claiming that water has feelings or sharing her favourite healthy recipes, Gwyneth Paltrow uses her weekly Goop blog to share her innermost thoughts and prized tips for a better life. This week, the 43-year-old A-lister has shared some invaluable advice with her readers on the...

CBC retracts supplement report

21 January 2016 9:57AM
Some Marketplace reports about vitamins and supplements published in November contained incorrect information, CBC has learned....

Bernie Sanders Takes On Monsanto, Vows To Protect Organic Farming And Push For GMO Labeling

18 January 2016 2:06AM
Even before Senator Bernie Sanders decided to run for President of the United States, he was quite vocal about factory farming, big corporations, and the Biotech giants. In fact, as early as 1994, Sanders was fighting against companies such as Monsanto for using chemicals that impact human and...

Suspended USDA researcher alleges agency tried to block his research into harmful effects of pesticides on bees, butterflies

12 January 2016 12:29AM
A prominent Agriculture Department scientist is alleging that he was suspended after complaining that the agency was blocking his research into the harmful effects of pesticides on pollinators, such as bees and butterflies....

Petition calls on Christy Clark, Justin Trudeau to abolish MSP premiums

8 January 2016 10:43AM
A petition is gaining traction among B.C. residents calling for Premier Christy Clark and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to eliminate MSP Premiums....

HANS Wellness Directory allows you to search your neighbourhood for any number of wellness practitioners from Naturopaths to Nutritionists.

Refine your search to find a clinic that is:

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You can contact the professional and book your appointment through the directory.

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