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Natural Remedies for Winter Ills: A Homeopathy Workshop

When:January 14, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:604 803-9243 Email:[javascript protected email address]

For anyone wishing they had more natural solutions for those winter illnesses, this three hour workshop will provide the knowledge you need to thrive through the winter months. You’ll learn what to keep in your home remedy kit for fevers, influenza, coughs, colds, earaches and so much more. Remedy gift provided with early registration.

Contact: Nicole Duelli

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Free Bio-Energy Seminar: Wake Up and Feel Amazing

When:January 24, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:604-612-0941 Email:[javascript protected email address]

Discover the Natural Healing Power within your body! Are you suffering with PAIN in your body? Is it causing you stress, discomfort or a lack of mobility? Is it preventing you from enjoying the amazing life you deserve to live? Did you know that pain is the #1 cause behind feeling drained and can also disrupt a night's sleep? And it's not just physical pain, emotional pain can sap your energy too. Pain is a signal that you have blocked energy in your body's Bio-Field. Over time, untreated pain in your body can lead to a whole host of ailments. Treating the cause behind pain can quickly and effectively dissolve pain and restore the body's natural feeling of Vitality. Register now for Free and attend 'Wake Up and Feel Amazing,' a seminar designed to support and educate you on turning your health around.

Contact: Catherine

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Talk and Book Signing Event for The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies

When:April 5, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:Alchemy & Elixir Health 604-683-2298 and Banyen Books 604-737-8858 Email:[javascript protected email address]

Herbal medicine talk and Book Signing! Join us for an experiential and informative talk on incorporating herbal medicine into your lifestyle with Katolen Yardley, MNIMH - Medical Herbalist. This talk offers gems for new and seasoned herbalists alike! We will discuss some back-to-nature home remedies and effective herbal medicines (including kitchen vegetables, spices, well known herbal medicines and wild plants) for common family health issues from Katolen's newly released book, The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies. For more information visit:

Contact: call Banyen Books for more information 604-737-8858

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19th ANNUAL CANADIAN ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE - The Conference for Integrative and Energy Therapies

When:October 12 - 16, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:416-221-5639 Email:[javascript protected email address]

More Than a Conference, it’s an Experience. Since 1999, the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference has offered a warm, inspiring environment for learning, sharing and networking. Uniting healing practitioners, therapists, teachers, and lifelong learners, the Canadian EPC is an ideal space to develop new skills, gain deeper knowledge of yourself, share your experience and meet like-minded colleagues. Feed your intellect, nourish your spirit and satisfy your professional Continuing Education requirements all in an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration, compassion and fun. Open to all helping professionals interested in integrative, mind-body approaches, including: Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Coaches, Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists, Counselors, Educators, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Trauma Therapists, Addictions Counselors, Body workers, and more. Also open to anyne who is interested in their own self-healing.

Contact: Sharon Cass-Toole

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