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Hypnosis for Manifestation

When:March 2 - 23, 2017

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Phone:604-257-8333 Email:[javascript protected email address]

How would you like it when this becomes your way of life – I am not going anywhere. Everything comes to me? We each intend and manifest automatically. We can’t help but manifest. However, instead of manifesting lack or anything we don’t prefer by default, it is time to manifest by design what you prefer! Using hypnosis, we have means to access the unconscious mind, where the true power of manifestation lies. This class offers practical information, guided meditations, and in-depth exercises to use in your day-to-day life. Together we will tune into the vibration of our heart desires and direct the energy towards our preferred manifestation, whatever that is for you.

Contact: Kemila Zsange

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Spring Renewal Feminine Series

When:March 2 - 16, 2017

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Phone:604-616-7854 Email:[javascript protected email address]

OH HELLO SPRING.... Please join us as we transition toward the lighter, renewing qualities of Spring! Connect with other amazing women while you focus on re-igniting your digestive fire, supporting your seasonal hormones, improving the health of your skin, and re-energizing.  The warm breeze and longer days signify a perfect time for cleansing. Give your body permission to accept that we are structured in time through our circadium rhythms. March 2, 2017: Rejuvenate your Skin and Awaken your Digestive Fire March 9, 2017: Restore your Hormone Balance as you Step into Spring March 16, 2017: Love thy Breasts: A Holistic Guide This series is designed to empower women to support their health and wellness naturally, by experimenting with nourishing foods, tools and intentional choices that rejuvenate our soul as we transition to the season of renewal. The workshops will have time dedicated to natural health education, interactive play and discussion, as well as fun door prizes and nutritious snacks!  Pre-registered attendees also receive several gifts: • Recipes for Nourishing Spring Beverages • 5-must have tools for Hormone Health - A 15 page e-book to support hormone balance • 20-minute Discovery Session with one of the facilitators to receive customized wellness advice (valued at $49) Those registrants willing to commit to all 3 workshops also receive: • Recipes for Happy Hormones  - 40 page-book with 5-Day Meal Plan (valued at $29) • Private 30 min session Corporate Wellness Strategy mapped out for your place of work These sessions are facilitated by two natural health and wellness professionals: Sharon Pendlington and Shalini Gambhir.  Sharon's specialty is hormone health, while Shalini's practice focuses on women's wellness and cancer support through Ayurvedic principles, encouraging women to make choices with grace and empowerment while restoring confidence in their body.  Both are Registered Holistic Nutritionists, and you can find out more about their clinic and community practice by visit their websites. Please visit to learn more about Sharon's offerings, and to learn more about Shalini's practice.

Contact: Sharon Pendlington

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Talk and Book Signing Event for The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies

When:April 5, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:Alchemy & Elixir Health 604-683-2298 and Banyen Books 604-737-8858 Email:[javascript protected email address]

Herbal medicine talk and Book Signing! Join us for an experiential and informative talk on incorporating herbal medicine into your lifestyle with Katolen Yardley, MNIMH - Medical Herbalist. This talk offers gems for new and seasoned herbalists alike! We will discuss some back-to-nature home remedies and effective herbal medicines (including kitchen vegetables, spices, well known herbal medicines and wild plants) for common family health issues from Katolen's newly released book, The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies. For more information visit:

Contact: call Banyen Books for more information 604-737-8858

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19th ANNUAL CANADIAN ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE - The Conference for Integrative and Energy Therapies

When:October 12 - 16, 2017

Contact Information
Phone:416-221-5639 Email:[javascript protected email address]

More Than a Conference, it’s an Experience. Since 1999, the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference has offered a warm, inspiring environment for learning, sharing and networking. Uniting healing practitioners, therapists, teachers, and lifelong learners, the Canadian EPC is an ideal space to develop new skills, gain deeper knowledge of yourself, share your experience and meet like-minded colleagues. Feed your intellect, nourish your spirit and satisfy your professional Continuing Education requirements all in an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration, compassion and fun. Open to all helping professionals interested in integrative, mind-body approaches, including: Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Coaches, Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists, Counselors, Educators, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Trauma Therapists, Addictions Counselors, Body workers, and more. Also open to anyne who is interested in their own self-healing.

Contact: Sharon Cass-Toole

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