September 1, 2010

  1. The Truth about Cellphones and Other Electromagnetic Perils
  2. Fish Farms Operating Without Valid Crown Land Tenures
  3. Judge Rules HST Petition Must Go To Legislature


The Truth about Cellphones and Other Electromagnetic Perils

by Jim Waugh

Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, life on Earth has evolved within certain constraints, such as limits on temperature, pressure and chemistry. Life has also evolved within a certain electromagnetic environment created naturally by the Earth, sun and sources in outer space.

The human body has evolved to become quite sophisticated, with minute electric currents and magnetic fields controlling many processes such as brain chemistry, bone growth, healing and cell adhesion, growth and division. Compared to natural sources, most electrical devices and wireless communication technologies emit powerful electromagnetic radiation, and research has demonstrated that this radiation is having an effect on the functioning of certain processes and systems of the body.

The proliferation of man-made radiation has become a global biological experiment for which there is no control group. It is undeniable that the man-made radiation, now an integral part of the environment, affects our bodies. In the opinion of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Director, Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in Boulder, Colorado, "There is really no medical condition that is exempt from being caused or being aggravated by electromagnetic fields." The most common symptoms are of a neurological nature and the milder ones are brain fog, loss of short-term memory, insomnia and chronic pain conditions. More serious conditions are neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. In the last 20 years we are seeing an overlap into immunology with focus on stress and over-stimulation of the immune system leading to cancer and autoimmune system diseases."

In my recent book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health, I explain why we should be concerned about the health risks associated with cellphones, cordless phones, wireless Internet connections (Wi-Fi) and cellphone antennas. I also describe how our bodies are absorbing unhealthy amounts of radiation, which is leading to symptoms, diseases and even cancer with increasing frequency.

The book explains the controversy in the media and why the government is in denial, but it doesn't stop at theory. It tells you what you can do to protect yourself and your family: Valuable information like conducting a DIY electromagnetic home inspection, tips on buying a safe new vehicle, steps to follow when planning a new home or major renovation and things to avoid when purchasing a new home. Additional important information includes how you can use your cellphone safely, why you should never use a hairdryer on a child and why you shouldn't use compact fluorescent lamps.

Jim Waugh's new book, "Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation: A Complete Guide for Protecting Your Health" is now available at:


Fish Farms Operating Without Valid Crown Land Tenures


Biologist applies for expired salmon feedlot licenses

Salmon Feedlots in the Broughton Archipelago are operating on Crown Land tenures that have been expired for years. This week biologist Alexandra Morton has applied for these licences to return them to their natural state to grow wild fish to the much greater benefit of British Columbians and the BC economy.

Crown Land is public land that the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (MAL) leases to people and companies. MAL is also in charge of regulating the salmon feedlots.

"I don't know how these foreign companies can be in full production for years on expired tenures, but these sites are the fishiest places in the Broughton where we once found the highest concentrations of herring, salmon, prawns and other species," says biologist Alexandra Morton, "I have made detailed application to MAL to use these sites for what they have done so well for 8,000 years - grow wild fish to the benefit of the people, the economy and future generations who might appreciate the food security in the years to come."

Morton's applications recognize how the natural architecture of the sites perform to produce up-wellings, tide lines and back eddies that attract and feed valuable public fisheries, including prawns, rock cod, wild salmon, herring and other species. Some of the salmon feedlots violate provincial aquaculture-free zones. She writes in the applications:

"I offer that my intended use better serves Crown Land's mission statement "to provide the greatest benefits for British Columbians."

The salmon feedlots had "Licences of Occupation," which are a lesser form of tenure and are not surveyed, considered short term, non-exclusive, non-registerable and intended for only "minimum improvements."

"A disturbing lawlessness surrounds this industry, they post "no trespassing" signs on non-exclusive leases, that they let expire. On April 1, 2010 they slammed the door on government inspection for disease, while their pathogens free-flow into our richest fish habitat. This industry was unlawfully given to the province to manage who appears to let these companies do whatever they want. Privatizing ocean spaces and owning fish in the ocean is unconstitutional in Canada, is that why the leases have not been renewed," asks Morton? "It is time we find out what is the relationship between this Norwegian industry and all levels of our government."

"The Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council fully supports Alexandra securing these leases for safe-keeping as a means to preserve wild salmon stocks and the integrity of our eco-system. We look forward to working side by side with her on this," states Chief Bob Chamberlin.

Morton thinks people in Nootka Sound, Port Hardy, Discovery Islands and Clayoquot Sound should also look into whether those leases are expired. Contact "Front Counter BC."

"Bottom line is wild fish belong to us and if we don't take a stand and look after them ourselves no one else is going to," says Morton, "there are a lot of rotten politics around this. I hope this year's legendary sockeye return reminds people of just how valuable wild fish are to us.

Vancouverites can show their interest and support during the Wild Salmon March and Rally,
October 25 (all day). For more information go to


Judge Rules HST Petition Must Go To Legislature


BC Supreme Court Chief Justice, Robert Bauman, ruled August 20th that the Initiative petition to end the HST in British Columbia is a valid matter for the legislature, and gave the go ahead to the Chief Electoral Officer to hand over the petition and draft Bill, "The HST Extinguishment Act", to the legislative Standing Committee.

Initiative proponent, Fight HST leader and former Premier, Bill Vander Zalm, said lawyers for the business lobby tried to argue that the HST Extinguishment Act was beyond provincial authority. "They said the HST was an exclusively federal tax that could not be extinguished by the BC government once implemented. Justice Bauman's decision has essentially nullified that argument by allowing the legislature to 'undo' the HST by whatever means is necessary."

Vander Zalm explained, "The HST Extinguishment Act's purpose is to get rid of the HST by terminating the CITC Agreement that gave rise to it. We have said all along that may involve negotiations or discussions with the federal government to give effect to our intentions. Now all of that can happen."

"This decision allows for the provincial legislature to deal with the matter irrespective of whether the HST is considered a federal tax or not. We now have the means to undo the severe damage caused by both the HST, and the premier and finance minister's unilateral actions to give away BC's sovereign authority over provincial sales taxes. This is huge."

To read the complete press release and to take action go to:

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