The Shatford Centre and HANS- Health Action Network Society is pleased to announce that John Croft, founder of Dragon Dreaming, is teaching three courses this September in Penticton, BC.

What is Dragon Dreaming?

It's a unique method to realize outrageously successful projects. By combining the indigenous wisdom of the Aboriginal people of Western Australia with Joanna Macy's Deep Ecology and John Croft's own unique life experience and style, he teaches how to walk the road between your dream and a successful project.
Dragon Dreaming has been used in over 600 successful projects in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe. Its clear method of navigation that allows your collective or group to create projects that transforms your everyday life and gives it an adventurous meaning.

Who is John Croft?
A fantastic storyteller, a compassionate teacher and someone who can use historical facts, stories and examples to make you see the big picture, John can make you understand  why this is a truly unique point in time and why the concept of "Transition Towns" and "Ecovillages" are so important. And of course, he can teach you how to make your endeavors outrageously successful.

Born in 1949, John worked in the field of community development and empowerment education in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Africa, USA and Europe. He taught in schools, universities, conferences, giving lectures and seminars for organizational development, deep ecology, climate change and peak oil, amongst others. He worked for the Australian government and a number of NGOs as a consultant for community building and ecology. Since 2008, John has been living in Germany and imparting his knowledge worldwide in the form of the Dragon Dreaming method in workshops and lectures.

Three courses are being held at the Shatford Centre:

1. Introduction Course to Dragon Dreaming:  Sept 21st to Sept 23rd
Dragon Dreaming is a way of making our dreams come true by creating outrageously successful, transformative projects. How do we maximize our creative potentials on a scale never attempted before? Dragon Dreaming shows us a way. Course fee: $200.

2. Dragon Dreaming Intensive Course: Sept 23rd to 28th (1 evening & 5 days)
Participants are invited to bring their own dreams and ideas concerning projects that can be realized within a 6-month period. More in depth knowledge about the different phases of project planning and realization is transferred.  Participants will leave with a wealth of inspiration and materials that enable them to start working with DD in their own projects and organizations. Course fee: $425. Requirement: Having attended an Introduction Course to Dragon Dreaming. Total Training: 40 hours

3. Empowered Fundraising Course: Sept 23rd to Sept 28th
Successful projects need a stable economic basis. Empowered Fundraising inspires us to organize money and to use it in the sense of our values. The main focus is on personal contact with the people we are asking, to be part of our projects through their financial support. Healing of our relationship to money is the basis of this work. Course fee $200.

Health Action Network Society has been instrumental in the founding of the Shatford Centre in Penticton. The Shatford Centre, 'Where History Meets Innovation' is dedicated to creative well-being. It is an icon for creativity, innovation, heritage, wellness, environment and community in the South Okanagan. Register at (250)-770-7668


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